Saturday, March 4, 2017

TOYOTA RAV4 ploughs through Deloraine School Shop

Car ploughs through Deloraine School Shop

AN out-of-control car ploughed through the side of the Deloraine School Shop on Monday and hit a customer.
Police alleged an international driver of a white Toyota Rav4 went through a give way sign on Landsdowne Place, causing a near-miss with another driver, just after midday.
A grey Toyota Rav4 struck a power pole beside the shop during the ordeal.
The male international driver was issued with an infringement notice and taken to hospital for observation, as was the male customer, who was struck in the arm by his car.
The female driver of the grey Rav4, a resident of the area, went home unhurt.
Senior Constable Simon Triffitt said that the crash could have been a lot worse.
He said everyone involved suffered “just a few bumps and bruises.”
Shop owner Leanne Wrankmore and her female employee were both in the kitchen at the time of the accident and heard "a big bang."
State Emergency Service and Deloraine Fire Service personnel also attended.