Wednesday, September 18, 2013

More Than A LEMON......

A lawsuit was filed + 1 year ago for my BRAND NEW LEMON TOYOTA.

Civil Action #1259CV871

Plymouth Court

This isn't solely about my BRAND NEW TOYOTA LEMON!

This is about forewarning others about what I consider a SCAM!

I've tried to KEEP THIS SIMPLE!

There's far more to ROUTE 44 TOYOTA that's not included since this has gone on endlessly.

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During my annual CREDIT REPORT REVIEW, I discovered ROUTE 44 TOYOTA had ILLEGALLY accessed my CREDIT REPORT twice - on the day I fully paid for the BRAND NEW LEMON TOYOTA, and then ~ 6 months later when they discovered MY LEMON TOYOTA on their property with no license plates [because I had turned them in].

In addition, on that day, they also ILLEGALLY accessed the credit report of a friend whose name is NOT connected to the vehicle.
[Someone else has complained about this practice: The Arrogance of Route 44 Toyota]

When I attempted to get the INQUIRIES removed, their attorney offered gibberish:
I am not at liberty to discuss with you in detail why those claims are both false.
The legally permissible uses established by CONGRESS are here, clearly enumerated:


ROUTE 44 TOYOTA violated FCRA [Fair Credit Reporting Act].

When they refused to remove the ILLEGAL CREDIT INQUIRIES, I posted my experience here on dealerrater to allow them to rectify their ILLEGAL BUSINESS PRACTICE:
Reviews will automatically post after the two week reconciliation period has ended. 

ROUTE 44 TOYOTA could have very simply removed the ILLEGAL CREDIT INQUIRIES and offered an excuse:
' employee....unaware of company longer with the company....blah, blah, blah.'
Instead, I was threatened with a SLAPP suit [Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation], intended to BULLY and INTIMIDATE!  The tool of the ARROGANT and COWARDS!
Route 44 Toyota: Sit in the corner and be a good girl!


When a lawsuit is initiated, ALL COMMUNICATIONS need to CEASE!

With ROUTE 44 TOYOTA, it needed to be protested REPEATEDLY!

They're like LEECHES and you can't get rid of them!


Route 44 Toyota is like having LEECHES!

3.  ROUTE 44 TOYOTA employs an arrogant and bullying attorney that should have provided appropriate legal advice making ROUTE 44 TOYOTA aware that this business practice was ILLEGAL as well:

ROUTE 44 TOYOTA posts the photos of new TOYOTA owners in front of their vehicles, sends them a cheap calendar, and posts their photos WITHOUT DISCLOSURE!

As if that isn't bad enough, in some cases, ROUTE 44 TOYOTA also posts the NAMES of NEW TOYOTA OWNERS and includes the LICENSE PLATES.

This is an invitation to CAR THIEVES and STALKERS! in addition to being ILLEGAL!  

Whose BRAIN FART was that?



ROUTE 44 TOYOTA made arrangements for a 'loaner' from HERTZ, RAYNHAM....even though Enterprise is NEXT DOOR.

They subsequently FORGED my name on a RENTAL AGREEMENT.

Hertz, Raynham: Dilly, Dally, Delay & Billem

Hertz, Raynham: Dilly, Dally, Delay & Billem Part 2

The Dilly, Dally, Delay, Stall & Bill 'em KING!

Do you really want to do business with a business like ROUTE 44 TOYOTA?

Bear this in mind:

"A customer that has a good experience will typically tell 3 to 5 people, but a customer who has a poor experience will tell more than 20. When this is trend occurs via the web, these numbers can rapidly multiply and could spell disaster for brands that don’t have strategies in place to combat online negative chatter."


How many people know about the LEMON LADY?

Do you think it's only 20?

How many will it be when I began ADVERTISING?

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