Sunday, June 2, 2013

Route 44 Toyota: Where Arrogance and Disregard of the Law Prevails

On April 23, 2012, payment in full was presented to Route 44 Toyota for a BRAND NEW VEHICLE that subsequently turned into a LEMON.

[This cartoon reminds me sooo much of Attorney Viera, otherwise nicknamed 'Dilly, Dally Dan' preparing himself for a Supreme Court case, elevating a defective car to silliness.]

Here's the RMV-1 form:

Note item #22 requests License #/ID#/ or SSN.
When the paperwork was being completed by a youthful twerp who knows how to fast-talk and totally confuse with the flurry of paperwork, he requested my Social Security number.
I challenged the request and offered my MA license number, yet he insisted the form required my Social Security number.
You will note that the form does NOT require the purchaser's signature so I would have no way to know that I had just been Flim-Flammed.
That's how the sleazy clowns at Route 44 Toyota obtained my Social Security Number.
On that day, Route 44 Toyota requested my credit report even though the vehicle was fully paid for.
They retained my Social Security Number.
On October 11, 2012, almost 6 months after the LEMON was purchased, Route 44 Toyota awakened to the fact that my vehicle was on their property with no license plates.
Why? Because I had turned the plates in in August and cancelled the insurance.
Why should I pay for a vehicle with funky, unpredictable behavior?
Tony Roma left a message on my answering machine because the right hand apparently doesn't know what the left hand does.
The Not-Very-Bright Bulb sputtered when I returned his call, unable to remember the purpose of his message. thought financing was a problem, sputter, sputter.
My LEMON was sitting on the property of Route 44 Toyota, as it had been since May 2012 when I refused to drive a vehicle with NO BRAKES.
My LEMON had a valid inspection sticker. Wouldn't even a dumb bunny comprehend that you don't inspect a vehicle until it is registered????
I suggested that he pull up my information on his computer before he continue to comment.
The reference to being unable to obtain financing seems to indicate that Route 44 Toyota had already pulled my credit report even though I had NOT applied for credit, had not communicated with Route 44 Toyota.
In addition, the Clown even requested the credit report of a friend whose name is NOT on the title of the vehicle.
When the call was returned to Brain-Dead Tony Roma, he sought a resolution and I recommended that he have their attorney contact my attorney because a law suit had been filed, Route 44 Toyota had been served.  
I was forced to put him on notice to delete my contact information from their records, cease harassing me, cease communicating with me because I was represented by counsel.

The rest of the arrogance of Route 44 Toyota has been explained elsewhere when they threatened a SLAPP Suit to bully and intimidate because I posted that they had illegally requested credit reports.

Had Route 44 Toyota been an honorable business, they would have acknowledged their error [that they got caught] and removed the credit inquiries. Arrogance prevailed!

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