Sunday, June 23, 2013

Route 44 Toyota: Big Brother Award!

When you make the bad decision of purchasing a Toyota from Route 44 Toyota, the process is overbearing, to say the least.

Part of the offensive process is taking your picture next to your NEW Toyota, about which I balked.

Then they send you a crappy calendar....and use your photo as ADVERTISING without disclosure.

Perhaps more egregious is that they include your name on their facebook page...along with your license plate in some cases.

Just another example of Route 44 Toyota believing they are above the law in violating your rights to privacy.

Are they deliberately advertising locations of NEW cars to be targeted for theft?

I have friends who have been stalked. Do you?

These are among the many that appear on their facebook page --

Jane Casey poses with her new Corolla and salesman Dan Siciliano.


A very excited Regina Brown takes delivery of her newly purchased Toyota Camry. Pictured with her salesman Terrence Gandy.

Mr. Ricardo Carter is congratulated by his salesman Oyewale Dairo as he takes delivery of his newly purchased Toyota Rav4.


Hmmm what word would you chose?
I haven't filled the gas tank of my BRAND NEW TOYOTA since
May 2012!
Tim Bruno, General Manager and President
He doesn't look like someone who would break the law, does he?