Sunday, May 18, 2014


Think about it!

Nowhere in all that has been written has TOYOTA stepped forward to help consumers.

Instead, TOYOTA'S ARROGANCE is displayed in the comment below:

Behind the scenes, Toyota played hardball with critics. A public relations manager named Masami Doi had spelled out the approach in a December email. "There are at most around 10 people who are the sources of negative tone communications. If they can be suppressed, I think we will be able to manage it somehow. Like you said, let's go with an intention of destroying each individual person's ability to oppose us, one by one…."
– David Hechler, Is Toyota Telling The Truth About Sudden Acceleration (emphasis supplied)

According to this story, some of the NASA scientists who worked on the February 2011 report that DOT Secretary Ray LaHood proclaimed an exoneration of Toyota electronics were so disturbed by the way they were forced to “investigate,” they refused to sign the final product.

FROM : TOYOTA Lies and Media Cover Up

Please check back. Additional information will be added as time permits.
The information is publicly available and merely requires putting the puzzle pieces together.

PLEASE NOTE: You won't see anywhere in these documents any attempt by TOYOTA to solve the problem and make their vehicles safer.


The Courage to Uncover TOYOTA's lies......