Sunday, May 4, 2014

How much does this cost YOU, the taxpayer for TOYOTA's silliness?

This poor man is lugging around the paperwork generated by MR. ALBANY ROUTE 44 TOYOTA [FORMERLY MR. TOYOTA U.S.A., A/K/A KING OF CONFLICT....very confusing!]..... preparation for the MAJOR COURT CASE.....

......wait until you hear the next fantasies presented to the court......

.....each court event departs further from reality......

.....they just HATE the FIRST AMENDMENT..... long as they take home their BILLABLE HOURS ......

Ever wonder what this waste of court's time costs you as a taxpayer?

Attorney Dan Viera was told by a judge to SETTLE a case because he was going to loose.

Attorney Dan Viera REFUSED and wasted the COURT'S TIME at taxpayers' expense going to JURY TRIAL.

Before the case went to the JURY, the judge AGAIN suggested that ATTORNEY DAN VIERA SETTLE because he was going to loose.

AGAIN, Attorney Dan Viera REFUSED!


When Pig Headed Bullies are rewarded for not doing their jobs...... expect......?

If Attorney Dan Viera had SETTLED that case with a confidentiality agreement, the PLAINTIFF wouldn't be sharing her story!