Friday, May 2, 2014

In Memorium: Lily Quintas

This 4-year-old Cherub was killed by a RUNAWAY TOYOTA SOLARA.

She didn't drive or own a TOYOTA.

Lily was playing at her Day Care.

An OUT OF CONTROL TOYOTA SOLARA plowed through the wall at Lily's Day Care.....

....killing little Lily, injuring others.

The TOYOTA DEFENDERS have already decided 'Well, my TOYOTA is fine....[for now]'

TOYOTA counts on SHEEP ignoring the information available, for instance HERE.

This TOYOTA SOLARA's behavior is reminiscent of Noriko Uno's death.

This is Noriko Uno's TOYOTA in which she was killed....


Toyota has chosen lie after lie after lie

[PLEASE NOTE: It has been commented repeatedly that FORD/LINCOLN/MERCURY installed a KILL SWITCH that terminates the gas pump ON IMPACT. They have done so for YEARS. The vehicle comes safety to rest! TOYOTA offers no such safety protection to their drivers and innocent victims. There is simply NO EXCUSE!]

Let's not allow this BABY's death to be in vain.

It's time for TOYOTA to correct their problems.