Monday, May 5, 2014

TOYOTA Camry...Huh?

TOYOTA redesigned the FRUMPY TOYOTA CAMRY.....Huh?

So....have they corrected their problems? Is this just all window dressing and PR?

FROM [worth reading]:

They died in Toyotas, leaving many questions

USA TODAY examined 25 of the 43 fatal accidents with 52 deaths. They are among
2,600 complaints to NHTSA

since 2000 that allege sudden unintended acceleration in Toyota products.

The occupants of this RUNAWAY TOYOTA CAMRY [Paul Vanalfen] were killed...

The crash on Nov. 5 killed Paul Van Alfen, 66, and his son's fiancee Charlene Lloyd, 38; Van Alfen's wife and son were also injured in the wreck. Unlike similar crashes in Toyotas later blamed on drivers mistaking the accelerator for the brake, police say Van Alfen's Camry left skid marks as it exited Interstate 80 near Wendover, Utah. presumably from holding down the brake pedal. The Utah Highway Patrol said Monday that based on statements from the passengers who survived, the Camry's gas pedal appeared stuck.

This family lost Noriko Uno.....

...after her TOYOTA CAMRY was impacted by another vehicle and sped out of control....

Noriko Uno: Last Minutes Filled With Terror As Toyota Camry Sped Out of Control

FROM:  Route 44 Toyota Refuses to Comment on Sudden Acceleration Accident