Friday, May 9, 2014

TOYOTA CAMRY comes crashing into NH home

May 8, 2014

Photo: Rochester Police

No one was injured after a car crashed into a home in Rochester, New Hampshire Wednesday night, according to police.

Police say first responders went to 22 Franklin Heights for a reported vehicle in a building around 9:45 p.m. There, they say they learned that as 38-year-old Mark Harmon of East Rochester attempted to park a Toyota Camry, the car went over a small retaining wall, through a fence and into the home through a sliding glass door.

Two other people were inside at the time, but they were in other rooms and were not injured, police say. Harmon also wasn't injured.

Rochester Police say the crash damaged the Toyota's front end and had to tow it away, and property management immediately attended to the residence's damage.

Neither speed or nor alcohol seems to be a factor in the crash, but it's still under investigation, according to police.

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Beware of Toyota. Their next victim may be you....

Many of the articles posted pertain the media censorship, corporate media ownership and the willingness of the media to genuflect to Big Corporations, such as TOYOTA.

You'll find that topic addressed here far better than the LEMON LADY can accomplish:

Government the "Toyota Way"

A government serving the interests of the public would be sending Toyota executives to prison. Instead, consumers are confronted with corporate-controlled thugs refusing to acknowledge - publicly, at least - compelling evidence of electronic defects in the Recall King's throttle control. So what if people get injured or killed? Isn't it ridiculous when taxpayers have reason to doubt the government's story of what the terms were when a crook like Toyota handed over $1.2 billion in payola to end a federal criminal investigation? Toyota is notorious for confidentiality agreements, and nobody can be blamed for wondering if an admission of covering up electronic defects associated with unintended acceleration was part of the deal Toyota cut with the feds.