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Route 44 Toyota Harassing ME...AGAIN! When will it STOP?

Route 44 Toyota has been contacted, notified, put on notice....and they won't STOP HARASSING ME!

I have been forced to endure the BULLYING by Route 44 Toyota and their counsel, Attorney Dan Viera with his threats.

How do you make these people STOP?

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Route 44 Toyota Harassing ME...AGAIN! When will it STOP?

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Regulators Hired by Toyota Helped Halt Acceleration Probes

Regulators Hired by Toyota Helped Halt Acceleration Probes

Toyota signage stands at Bredemann Toyota in Park Ridge
U.S. Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood
Feb. 12 (Bloomberg) -- Two former U.S. regulators hired by Toyota Motor Corp. helped end at least four U.S. investigations of unintended acceleration by Toyota vehicles in the last decade, warding off possible recalls, court and government records show. Bloomberg's Lizzie O'Leary reports.
Feb. 12 (Bloomberg) -- Kurt Sanger, Tokyo-based auto analyst at Deutsche Securities Inc., talks with Bloomberg's Susan Li and Bernard Lo about the outlook for Japan's auto industry. Toyota Motor Corp., recalling more than 8 million cars worldwide, may lose more than 1 percentage point of U.S. market share this year from a previous analyst estimate and give sales to Ford Motor Co. and Honda Motor Co.

Feb. 13 (Bloomberg) -- At least four U.S. investigations into unintended acceleration by Toyota Motor Corp. vehicles were ended with the help of former regulators hired by the automaker, warding off possible recalls, court and government records show.

Christopher Tinto, vice president of regulatory affairs in Toyota’s Washington office, and Christopher Santucci, who works for Tinto, helped persuade the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to end probes including those of 2002-2003 Toyota Camrys and Solaras, court documents show. Both men joined Toyota directly from NHTSA, Tinto in 1994 and Santucci in 2003.

While all automakers have employees who handle NHTSA issues, Toyota may be alone among the major companies in employing former agency staffers to do so. Spokesmen for General Motors Co., Ford Motor Co., Chrysler Group LLC and Honda Motor Co. all say their companies have no ex-NHTSA people who deal with the agency on defects.

Possible links between Toyota and NHTSA may fuel mounting criticism of their handling of defects in Toyota and Lexus models tied to 19 deaths from 2004 to 2009. Three congressional committees have scheduled hearings on the recalls.

“Toyota bamboozled NHTSA or NHTSA was bamboozled by itself,” said Joan Claybrook, an auto safety advocate and former NHTSA administrator in the Jimmy Carter administration.“I think there is going to be a lot of heat on NHTSA over this.”

‘Discussed Scope’

In one example of the Toyota aides’ role, Santucci testified in a Michigan lawsuit that the company and NHTSA discussed limiting an examination of unintended acceleration complaints to incidents lasting less than a second.

“We discussed the scope” of the investigation, Santucci testified. “NHTSA’s concerns about the scope ultimately led to a decision by the agency to reduce that scope. You say it worked out well for Toyota, I think it worked out well for both the agency and Toyota.”

In an e-mailed response to questions about possible influence of former NHTSA employees on agency Toyota decisions, Transportation Department spokeswoman Olivia Alair said NHTSA“currently has three open investigations involving Toyota and is monitoring two major safety recalls involving Toyota vehicles. NHTSA’s record reflects that safety is its singular priority.”

Pedals, Floor Mats

Toyota City, Japan-based Toyota on Jan. 21 recalled 2.3 million U.S. cars and trucks with a potentially defective accelerator pedals. That followed Toyota’s decision in November to recall 4.48 million vehicles in the U.S. and Canada because floor mats might trap gas pedals while they were depressed.

Since that recall, Toyota’s shares have dropped 17 percent, wiping out $27.7 billion in market capitalization. The stock rose 2 percent to 3,460 yen at the close of trading in Tokyo yesterday. Toyota’s American depositary receipts, each equal to two ordinary shares, rose $1.05, or 1.4 percent, to $77.05 in New York Stock Exchange composite trading yesterday.

Combined worldwide recalls for pedals, floor mats and a software fix to adjust brakes on the Prius and other hybrid models rose to more than 8 million vehicles as of Feb. 8.

“A recall is bad for any automaker because they have to admit there’s a defect in their vehicle and the repairs can be expensive,” said Rebecca Lindland, a forecaster at IHS Global Insight Inc. in Lexington, Massachusetts.

‘Pillars of Safety’

In Toyota’s case, “the company has built itself on pillars of safety, quality and reliability,” she said.

“A defect in their product is appalling to them, sort of unthinkable.”

All four of the probes the Toyota aides helped end were into complaints that the unintended acceleration was caused by flaws in the vehicles’ electronic throttle systems. Toyota has denied that the system is a problem. U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood said on Feb. 3 that NHTSA is reviewing the electronics.

Toyota spokeswoman Martha Voss declined to make Santucci and Tinto available for comment.

“Anything Mr. Tinto and Mr. Santucci did was in the interest of full disclosure, transparency and openness with regulators and safety experts,” Voss said in an e-mailed statement.

“Their actions have been consistent with our efforts to maintain the highest professional and ethical standards in all of our legal and regulatory practices. Their paramount concern was for the safety of every single owner of one of our vehicles.”

‘Sort of Deteriorates’

The NHTSA decisions on Toyota weren’t necessarily biased just because former agency people were involved, said Sidney Shapiro, a law professor at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

“I’m not sure regulators set out to say ‘I’m going to give a special deal to my old friends in the auto industry,’” he said. “But what happens is it just sort of deteriorates because these are the only people you talk to.”

There are no waiting-period requirements for moves to a company from its regulator for lower-level positions like those of Tinto and Santucci, said Allan Kam, former NHTSA senior enforcement attorney, who retired in 2000 after 25 years and said he was a “mentor” to Tinto at the agency. Santucci came to NHTSA after Kam’s retirement.

“They’re not supposed to deal with the agency about a matter they dealt with at the agency,” he said. Neither former NHTSA employee testified to any such conflicts when asked by attorneys.
Across the Table
Tinto, 46, came to Toyota after about four years at NHTSA. He hired Santucci from NHTSA in 2003, after the two met on opposite sides of the table in defect investigation cases, Santucci said in a deposition in the Michigan lawsuit.

Santucci, 39, works on most of the automaker’s recall petitions, he said in the deposition. In last year’s floor-mat recall, Santucci said he helped write Toyota’s explanation of the remedy and had phone calls and meetings with NHTSA to describe the automaker’s plans.
NHTSA opened eight investigations of unintended acceleration of Toyota vehicles from 2003 to 2010, according toSafety Research & Strategies Inc., a Rehoboth, Massachusetts, group that gathers data from NHTSA and other sources for plaintiff’s attorneys and consumers. Three of the probes resulted in recalls for floor mats. Five were closed, meaning NHTSA found no evidence of a defect.
In four of the five cases that were closed, Tinto and Santucci worked with NHTSA on Toyota’s responses to the consumer complaints the agency was investigating, agency documents show.
Camrys, Solaras
The first closed case where NHTSA records show the involvement of Tinto and Santucci dealt with unanticipated acceleration by 2002 and 2003 Toyota Camrys and Solaras. The case, opened in March 2004, was the one Santucci testified about when he discussed limiting the scope of the probe. He did so in a deposition for a lawsuit filed on behalf of a Michigan woman who was killed in an April 2008 accident.

In that lawsuit, the family of Guadalupe Alberto, 76, says she died when her 2005 Toyota Camry sped out of control and crashed into a tree. The lawsuit blames a defect in the electronic throttle control, said attorney Edgar Heiskell, who represents the Alberto family.

“She blew past an intersection, witnesses saw her with both hands on the wheel,” Heiskell said. “She appeared to be standing on the brake while steering.”

On March 3, 2004, the agency told Toyota it was opening a preliminary investigation to determine “if the throttle control system could be the cause of vehicle surge or unwanted acceleration.”

Santucci’s Deposition

Santucci and Tinto worked with Santucci’s former NHTSA co-workers, Scott Yon and Jeffrey Quandt, on the investigation, Santucci testified in his deposition. Yon and Quandt weren’t available for comment, Alair of the Transportation Department said.

Twenty days after the probe began, NHTSA investigator Yon determined that the agency wouldn’t investigate “longer duration incidents involving uncontrollable acceleration where brake pedal application allegedly had no effect,” according to a document provided in the Michigan lawsuit.

“But that was after talking with you and Mr. Tinto, correct?” Heiskell asked during the deposition.

“Certainly, we talked to them in that time period,”Santucci said.

NHSTA opted to limit the investigation to unintended acceleration events that lasted less than a second and those where the brake could be used to control the vehicle, or about 11 incidents with 5 crashes. In Toyota’s initial response, Tinto identified 114 similar cases, according to NHTSA documents. The case was closed July 22, 2004, agency records show.

Wrong Pedal

The agency decided to limit the cases to eliminate instances in which a driver may have used the wrong pedal, the Transportation Department’s Alair said.

Santucci didn’t work on unintended acceleration cases involving Toyota while at NHTSA and doesn’t have a social relationship with former co-workers, he said in his deposition.

The second NHTSA-Toyota case settled with the automaker’s input was a 2005 investigation requested by the owner of a 2002 Toyota Camry who reported two instances of unintended acceleration, one involving a crash. The owner cited eight other complaints from other Toyota drivers about similar episodes, without identifying the vehicle make and model.

Toyota said dealer representatives investigated 59 of 100 vehicles whose owners complained.

‘Operating as Designed’

“In each of these vehicles, no evidence of a system or component failure was found and the vehicles were operating as designed,” Tinto wrote in a Nov. 15 letter to NHSTA. He also cited the findings that ended the Camry investigation in 2004.

NHTSA ended its probe of the 2002 Camry in January 2006, citing lack of evidence of a problem and the agency’s need to allocate “limited resources” to other investigations.

Tinto also weighed in on a broader August 2006 complaint about the Camry, this time covering model years 2002 to 2006. In that case, Tinto wrote that Toyota had found no abnormality in the throttle actuator, or controller, which the petitioner blamed. In the defect investigation notice, NHSTA noted 3,546 cases where Toyota had replaced throttle actuators under warranty terms.

The automaker did find evidence that returned actuators had corroded due to water intrusion caused by circumstances “such as driving through a flooded road, in the heavy rain or a hurricane” and a drain hose was modified to prevent future water intrusion, Tinto wrote in a Dec. 20, 2006, letter to the agency.

‘Not Warranted’
NHTSA decided not to pursue the investigation, telling the owner “after reviewing the concerns raised by the petitioner and other information, NHTSA has concluded that further expenditure of the agency’s investigative resources on the issues raised by the petition is not warranted.”
In the fourth case, in 2008, Tinto told NHTSA the automaker couldn’t find enough evidence to support allegations of unintended acceleration in 2006-2007 Toyota Tacoma pickup trucks.
The owner reported two incidents of unintended acceleration in his 2006 Tacoma and pointed to 32 similar complaints in the NHTSA database.

Toyota itself received complaints of 478 incidents involving 431 Tacomas, for model years 2004 to 2008, that allegedly increased engine speed when the accelerator pedal wasn’t pushed, according to an April 25, 2008, memo by Tinto. Of those incidents, 49 resulted in a crash and 9 had injuries, he said.

Media Attention
After a review, Tinto said he disagreed that the complaints to NHSTA “in and of themselves justify opening an investigation” and said media attention to driver complaints contributed to the allegations.

“In Toyota’s view, neither the consumer complaints nor the field study indicate the existence of any defect in the subject vehicles, much less a safety-related defect,” he wrote.

NHTSA closed the investigation on Aug. 27, 2008, after an eight-month review, saying that “we have been unable to determine a cause related to throttle control or any underlying cause that gave rise to the complaint.”

Tinto also may have helped thwart an attempt by the owner of a 2007 Lexus ES350 to reopen a NHTSA investigation that resulted in a 55,000-unit recall for floor mat problems.
The owner, Jeffrey Pepski of Plymouth, Minnesota, said he experienced an unintended acceleration incident in February 2009 and wanted the agency to probe other possible causes, such as the electronic throttle.
Limited Number

Tinto’s response to NHTSA last May said the incident was Pepski’s fault because his floor mat wasn’t secured and that there was no need for a new investigation because the “limited number of such incidents does not suggest the existence of a safety-related defect in these vehicles.”

U.S. Transportation Department, NHTSA and Toyota officials have been asked to appear on Feb. 24 before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee and Feb. 25 before the House Energy and Commerce Committee to talk about the recalls. The Senate Commerce Committee plans a hearing March 2.

“At the heart of the matter is determining whether Toyota acted as quickly as possible to notify regulators there was a problem and whether or not government acted as quickly and diligently as possible to investigate and act,” RepresentativeDarrell Issa, a California Republican and ranking member of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, said in a statement.
Issa called on Toyota President Akio Toyoda to appear before the Senate panel. “I would fully support the issuance of a subpoena” if Toyoda doesn’t cooperate, Issa said in a Feb. 11 statement.

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This is the comment posted on dealerrater:

Half of the positive remarks on here are from employees trying to boost their egos.

Review the positive comments and judge for yourself!

Route 44 Toyota

On 9/24/2012 9:41:11 AM, vsmith35 wrote:

Reason for Visit: Sales (New)

I recommend this dealer: No

Employee(s) Dealt With: mr gonsalves, unknown management
What a horrible experience, we went to route 44 toyota looking for a 2012 clearance tundra. Your sales team immediatly descended like a pack of vultures. Your sales person mr gonslaves was nice enough and answered all our questions ect... about the vehicle we test drove. The problem came when we said we were not sure if we were buying right away or not his whole attitude changed. Your management refused to give us a price on our trade unless we would commit to buying that day, who does that? obviously we wanted to know what you would give us for our car before we agreed to buy, everyone shops around to get the best price. Not only that, you took my keys, my reg and made us feel pressured and strong armed. It was aweful and I will NEVER return.

On 7/25/2012 11:35:49 AM, Aries8617 wrote:

Reason for Visit: Sales (Used)

I recommend this dealer: No

Employee(s) Dealt With: Mark viera
This dealership is the most in reliable and in trustworthy place around. They breach there warranties and will do anything to get out of fixing the parts that are under warranty! They will damage your car while on the lot for service and not say anything!! Worst dealership I have ever been too!!!! Please do not give these people your buisness!!

On 5/1/2012 9:14:04 PM, 2G wrote:

Reason for Visit: Sales (New)

I recommend this dealer: No

Employee(s) Dealt With: Wale and Tony Roam
Lies, lies and more lies. Worst experience ever buying not one but 2 new cars. I was literally held hostage in the dealership asking for my car keys repeatedly but could not get them. The price agreed upon changed once I was in the credit manager's office. Down apyment was inflated...and on and on....

On 12/16/2011 3:39:19 PM, LilMiss30Somethin wrote:

Reason for Visit: Sales (Used)

I recommend this dealer: No

Employee(s) Dealt With: Joel D-Finance, Eddy-Sales, John-Sales Manager, Mike B-Sales
Horrible customer service. No communication (don't answer phone calls, return calls or messages, or respond when you show up). Lies, lies, lies.

I went to this dealer on a SATURDAY MORNING to purchase a car. I found one I liked, negotiated a price with Eddy, Joel, and John. They took my down-payment and had me go online to purchase an insurance policy for the car (so they could register it). They then told me that I had to return on MONDAY for the car because the banks and registry were not open. I called on Monday to see when to come in, and could not reach anyone. So I went in and was told they had no information for me and I should return "After Joel calls". I asked Eddy for a timeframe and he responded "could be 10 minutes; could be tomorrow; but no longer than that." I heard nothing at all the entire next day. Tried calling all afternoon (from 5-ish to about 8pm), and kept getting thrown back on hold and given back to the receptionist. None of the people I had worked with were willing to talk to me. I left numerous messages for them but no call backs. So, on WEDNESDAY during lunch I called back and demanded a sales manager. Mike B got on the phone and told me he would get to the bottom of it and call me back. I got a call about 30min later saying that Joel "is trying to get in touch with the bank to work out your financing" and that I should try again on Friday. FRIDAY arrives and still no word from anyone at all! IT HAS NOW BEEN A FULL WORK WEEK WITH NO CAR, NO REFUND, AND NO COMMUNICATION!!! I show up at the dealership to demand my money back so I can go elsewhere and they demand MORE MONEY!! Told me my credit was too bad and that I need a larger down payment! Are you kidding me?! My credit isn't perfect, but it's far from bad! I demanded my check back and had to argue with them to get it. Never got an apology, or even an acknowledgement of why I was so upset that I'd go elsewhere. They acted like I was crazy to want to talk to someone and find out why my CAR STILL WASN'T READY 5 DAYS LATER!!!

Went to Copeland Toyota straight from Rt 44 and DROVE HOME with a car SAME DAY.

Rt 44 Toyota in Raynham is the worst car dealership I have ever been to.
On 10/30/2011 11:47:29 PM, themanwhothinksrt44sucks wrote:

Reason for Visit: Sales (New)

I recommend this dealer: No

Employee(s) Dealt With: who cares, they all suck especially john brownell
This place is a joke. Half of the positive remarks on here are from employees trying to boost their egos. Worst environment in the world. Lies, lies and more lies. Thats what you get from Tim Bruno and the staff at Rt 44 Toyota. Pushy and overbearing sales people. And the guy at the front door, john brownell, making sure nobody gets away. GET A LIFE DUDE!!! These sales weasles and managers get mad so easy when they are questioned. Get over yourselves! You work in the worst dealership in the world. I spent about 10 minutes there and that was all I could stomach. Brownell was chasing me to my car wondering "How can we make you stay?" Embarrassing! Is business that bad you gotta chase customers to their cars? WOW! I will NEVER step foot in that place again! Boch Toyota here I come!!!

On 9/1/2011 12:13:35 PM, pete0471 wrote:

Reason for Visit: Sales (New)

I recommend this dealer: No

Employee(s) Dealt With: A bunch
Sales experience with this dealer was great. My salesman was awesome, easy to work with no BS. So I bought a brand new Tundra with the TRD package, on my way to work the next day I noticed the truck pulling to the right. So I stopped by the dealer on my way home from work explained my issue and set up an appointment for an alignment and to have the windows tinted the following week. I dropped the truck off the morning of the appointment, when I went to pick it up there was a big scratch on the side. The assistant service manager said "we didnt do it, cant help you on that". All I wanted was them to acknowledge they did it before I left, they would not. Had to have the local police come down and file a property damage report. I then left drove about a mile and turned around because the truck was still pulling to the right. I go into the service department and asked if they did an alignment. They said no because they did not know they had to do one, which is BS because my paperwork said it was going to be done. So I left my truck there and had to walk home (they would not give me a ride). I went back the next day to pick it up, problem still not fixed, it has been back again, each time the problem gets worse. It is now unsafe to drive, I wont even drive with my kids. No help at all from the dealer. No help from toyota. This place is run by a bunch of hacks

On 8/27/2011 12:31:26 PM, mchlfio wrote:

Reason for Visit: Service

I recommend this dealer: No

Employee(s) Dealt With: Mark and Mark
Almost all reviews written are about new vehicles. I purchased a used vehicle and was not provided the service I was promised. I specifically stated I wanted tires rotated among other things and I was promised it was done. Well 2 months after my purchase, I discovered that the tires were not rotated. I discovered this while I was buying a new tire to replace one that was on the car when I bought it. To make a long story short, had the tires been rotated as I was told, another problem discovered while taking the wheel off would have been discovered sooner and I would not have had to pay to have that problem repaired. I went to the dealership and explained my situation and after several minutes waiting I explained what happened and the conversation went from bad to worse and the sales manager told me to "get out". Bottom line, don't believe them when they say they'll do something even if its in writing. Keep in mind my experience happened "after the sale".

On 6/11/2011 1:29:44 PM, wrote:

Reason for Visit: Sales (New)

I recommend this dealer: No

Employee(s) Dealt With: Terrance Gandy
In a FRIDAY in April 2011 I went to this dealership with my sister so she could get a new vehicle. I had bought my new Yaris there in 2008 and got it financed at 21% interest at the time because I did not have credit at that time but was willing to get the deal they offered me.
So, 3 years later I go back to try in getting my sister a deal so she could build her credit too. We were excited when they told us she could get a new 2010 Corolla with 0% interest and pay it in 60 months if I co-signed for her, which I was also ok with.
We got all the paperwork signed and walked out of there that same FRIDAY afternoon with her new car and were told to be back BY TUESADY of the following week to get the registration and a voucher to get the inspection sticker.
My sister went there on TUESDAY AFTERNOON and looked for the sales person, Terrance Gandy, who told her they didn't have the paperwork they had promised and she should come back there the next day.
WEDNESDAY, I called and checked before we drove nearly 20 miles to Route 44 Toyota in Raynham, to make sure we wouldn't waste our gas, time, money and patience! I was tranferred to the sales person, who did not answer and the call was returned to the receptionist who asked me if I wanted to leave a message, which I did. Six HOURS LATER, still no feedback from Mr. Gandy, I call again and asked the receptionist if there was anyone available that would be able to tell me if the paperwork was ready or not. She got one of the dozen managers there to tell me the registration was STILL NOT READY!
THURSDAY, I called again, and was getting really worried because, by law, you can drive a new car without being registered or having an inspection sticker for 7 days, which would due very soon. Once again, I am put on hold on the phone for several minutes. Leave another message with the phone operator. Then later, my sister calls me and desperately tells me the sales person SENT HER A TEXT MESSAGE saying they need more money. Period. Nothing else. No phone calls, no more explanations, just a TEXT MESSAGE! I call Route 44 Toyota again and before they put me on hold for another 27 minutes before I get an answering machine, I tell the poor girl on that Reception Desk that I was very disapponited and unhappy and needed to get someone on the phone immediatly that could talk back to me and explain me what was going on with my deal. I finally get Mr. Gandy on the phone, who now tells me they need another $1500 dollars to make the deal go through. "What do you mean? You need $1500 dollars ON TOP OF the $3000 dollars we gave you for a down payment for a deal we have already agreed and signed and NOW you're telling me you can't make it happen?" - I said. Then he replied saying they've been trying to get that car financed, but the bank kept declining and we either had to return the Corolla my sister was driving for nearly a week, OR we had to come up with more cash - or no deal!
At this point, my blood is boiling inside my veins and I say to Mr. Gandy how unprofessionally this whole process was being handled. How unreasonable it was to have the customer chase down information when that is THEIR JOB, of the customer service representative to provide. How we were left in the dark, with no updates or feedbacks and how that A TEXT MESSAGE wasn't going to do it and that waiting game was really getting old. I did not want excuses anymore, I wanted a solution. He hangs up on me!!!!
I call the dealership back and AGAIN I give the front desk girl the same speech I did before, but, this time I included I DID NOT WANTED TO BE TRANSFERRED to Terrance Gandy because he could not be civil enough to listen, wait for his turn to talk and give me any reasonable explanation without hanging up the phone on me. I asked to talk to the sales manager, but I got an answering machine. I left him a voice message. In fact, I left him DOZENS of voice messages - never returned!
Now, I had my brother-in-law (who's an attorney) reading the agreement contract we singed for the financing of that 2010 Corolla we thought we had. He did not find anything in the fine print that said that agreement was susceptible to change according to the bank's decision. This time, he calls the dealership representing me and my sister, and talks to Mr. Gandy. Or maybe I should say he DOESN'T talk to Mr. Gandy because this one didn't let him talk and to top it off, hangs up the phone on him!
FRIDAY, me and my sister drive the 2010 Corolla back to the dealer, having in mind we were going to return it and have them give us back what we put for a down payment. Arriving, we were completely ignored by the Terrance Gandy, but that was a good thing! I could not imagine how it would turn out if he had approached us... Or maybe he is all that intimidating because we are two young females and because he had a telephone line as a barrier to "protect" him. We talk to 2 different managers and they redo the paperwork to show the purchased date as of that day (just in case the cops pulled her over, she would still be legal according to the date on the new papers) and we are told that they're still trying to get the bank to approve the deal and we should give them a couple more days.
MONDAY, TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY I call and get the same response: still nothing. *Remininding* that EVERY phone call inputs several minutes on hold until I get to talk to a civil human being. But I have to give that speech to the front desk assistant before they get someone on the phone.
THURSDAY (note that it's been just about TWO WEEKS since we got the car), I call again, same process as told above, but this time I am the one giving them a deadline "It's tomorrow or nothing. We're wasting our time here, we could have been some place else and had the whole matter resolved in just 2 or 3 days!" and the manager agreed. This time I also told him that HE was the one to CALL ME, and by NOON time because I was tired of listening to that same song for 20+ minutes each time I had to hold to talk to somebody. He also agreed.
Finally, FRIDAY (two weeks after we walked out of that dealership with the 2010 Corolla)just before 10am I get a voice message on my cell phone from that manager saying he was sorry but they couldn't keep the deal because the bank did not approve it. We would have to return the car and they would give us a check for the money we put down. Okay, then I drive to my sister's home at noon time and she tells me that just minutes before, the sales person, Terrance Gandy (which I thought I was very clear with the dealership personnel I wanted wiped out of the picture due to his extreme unprofessionalism), sends ANOTHER TEXT MESSAGE to my sister's cell phone saying we should give them another day because they wanted to try again!!!
ENOUGH ALREADY! I did not call nor responded to that person. We drove the 20 miles to Route 44 Toyota and, getting there I went to the front desk and that poor girl got to see the face of the voice she already knew from so many unsuccessful phone calls! She got one of those managers to meet with us. Once again, Mr. Gandy was there, but didn't approach us. (Thank goodness!)
This other manager came up and said if we gave them until the next day, they would have it done because THIS TIME, the OWNER of the dealership TIM BRUNO was in the picture, apparently trying to convince the bank to approve our deal. Like we were so special... That didn't impress me... Then why Mr. Bruno didn't step up A WEEK AGO before we had to go through all this aggravation? - I asked. The answer we got was that "he was a very busy man". Guess what? Me too! Or do they think I can give them as many days as they want? I think when you have a customer willing to spend their money on your business, you should give them SERVICE and RESPECT. And from this experience at Route 44 Toyota in Raynham Massachusetts I got nothing! No service, no respect, no updates, no feedback and no car! I told the manager exactly how I was feeling. I DID NOT WANT THE CAR ANYMORE, EVEN IF IT WAS FOR FREE! I don't think Terrance Gandy deserves a penny for comission for that sale if it did go through. I am not helping Tim Bruno getting any richer if he cannot provide HONESTY, RESPECT and SERVICE from his employees and from the process that revolves buying a car at his dealership.
I hope that if you read this review up to this line, sides with me and go get your car somewhere else! Look for customer service, not game players. Read the fine print. Ask questions and, do not, EVER walk out of a dealership with your new car without a registration!!!!
Good luck!
PS: My sister ended up getting a 2011 Chevy Cruze at McGee's, on that same ROUTE 44! Got excellent customer service and her registration and inspection sticker were there THE NEXT DAY!!!

On 1/18/2011 12:02:23 AM, termez wrote:

Reason for Visit: Service

I recommend this dealer: No

Employee(s) Dealt With: Marc Fierro
This is the WORST service experience that I ever had!!!! I bought my car at their place and I had to go back for repairs many times during 1 year!!! The service manager Marc Fierro not calling back to customers who is calling for service every day! This service department CAN NOT solve problems. DO NOT go there!!! Hated it.

On 1/1/2011 9:21:21 AM, route44toyotaawful wrote:

Reason for Visit: Sales (Used)

I recommend this dealer: No

Employee(s) Dealt With: Amanda
These people are shady and there are MUCH more reputable dealers out there. Went in to purchase used 2010 Venza that I had seen online. Got there before noontime, and told salesperson upfront, I had to be out of there by 3pm. They played lots of games during the negotiation process - write your SS# in this notebook, need your credit card so we know you are serious, etc. 15 minutes before we had to leave, we agreed upon a price. We stayed another 30 minutes hoping to wrap it up, but it got too late. I had an appointment and had to leave. Told them I would be back after my appointment - I live 45 minutes away from the dealer. I even called Amanda to confirm a time I would be back. I arrived back, as promised, and was told they "threw my paperwork away" because they did not think I would be coming back. Seemed strange, but OK. So I filled paperwork out again and proceeded to be left sitting at a table for 45 minutes. Finally, Amanda and her manager walked over and told me the car I wanted was sold OVER THE PHONE right after I left, but they would give me an older model for more money. I don't believe that story for one minute, but even if true, they should have had the decency to call me or let me know the minute I walked in. Their attitude about the whole situation was appalling! On my way home, another salesperson called me, claiming to be the one who sold the car on the phone and now wants to put me in a new model - FOR MORE MONEY! I was shocked that they would treat a customer like this, but after reading the other reviews, it appears it is par for the course for this dealer. Stay away from this dealer. There are other dealers out there with better pricing who are more reputable to deal with.

On 11/16/2010 1:34:58 PM, johnwhitney2000 wrote:

Reason for Visit: Sales (Used)

I recommend this dealer: No

Employee(s) Dealt With: Manager (tried to forget his name)
Car I test drove was on lot for 2 weeks and filled with garbage and nonworking DVD system with ear phones filled with battery acid. Was prepared to buy it anyway because of the good price and the salesman Clarence seemed nice. However, spent hour sitting on waiting for value of my trade in and haggling it's worth (tried to offer a 1/3 of its worth.) I needed to go (Babysitter)and offered to put down deposit and come back tomorrow. The manager came out and tried to bully me into staying and finish the paperwork. "We don't do deposits." However, I overhead that same manager tried to force someone else to leave a deposit. They held my keys and credit card hostage and I had to get in his face to get them back so I could leave. Avoid these scum bags!

On 10/6/2010 8:14:58 PM, sadsack wrote:

Reason for Visit: Service

I recommend this dealer: No

Employee(s) Dealt With: The Brunos
Bought a new Sienna in 2008. Needed a drive train warranty replacement. Car had to be in shop over the course of several hours and the dealer wouldn't provide a replacement vechile unless I paid $35. Very poor service as I paid over $25K to purchase the Sienna and it only has 21K miles.
On 10/1/2010 1:01:32 PM, lucky1648 wrote:

Reason for Visit: Sales (Used)

I recommend this dealer: No

Employee(s) Dealt With: Michelle Kantos
Called in the morning to make sure the vehicle was still available and was assured it was. Drove 1hour there and after my trade in was evaluated they said the other vehicle was sold last night. But we do have these other vehicles, a little more expensive. Bait and Switch

On 9/10/2010 3:35:28 PM, totallyappalled wrote:

Reason for Visit: Sales (New)

I recommend this dealer: No

Employee(s) Dealt With: Nate Bagge, Joel
Received a phone call today stating they were cancelling my appointment to have an accessory put on, which is a long story in itself. Salesman totally ripped us off...not telling us there were two kinds of accessories for my car. Of cause the wrong one was ordered. Said he would correct situation.....which was fine with me....WRONG... Keep our check to HIM for the product. Customer service stepped in offered to fix the problem. Appointment made. Happy at that point although this was our 5th visit to the dealership. Then the phone call to cancel...told they no longer wanted to do business with us due to a survey that was filled out by myself.. apparently not all much for taking criticism and working on it.

On 5/13/2010 1:54:48 PM, KarenSouza wrote:

Reason for Visit: Sales (Used)

I recommend this dealer: No

Employee(s) Dealt With: Tony Francisco and Jason (Manager?)
Very dishonest dealer, but they do play the numbers game quiet well to their advantage. The bottom line on the price they quoted me was more than $1,000 OVER the MSRP on the website. I gave a $50 cash dep Fri eve after being pressured to purchase a new Corolla (I went looking for used), was told I'd get it back if I changed my mind after discussing it with my husband, went back Sat am to get my deposit back and was told I had to wait until Mon for a check. On Friday, Tony had asked for my registration to give trade in price on my car (which I did request), and he never gave it back to me. Since they refused to refund my money on Saturday, I called police. When I left the dealership on Saturday, I realized the salesman never returned my registration. I called him and he said he did. Then he told me he had a copy and gave me the original. We went back and forth about this, I finally called the President on Monday, he said they only had a copy. I finally did get my money back on Wednesday and my registration on Thursday. The registration that was returned to me WAS The orignal. I ended up buying the same car for $2,000 LESS than Raynham's bottom price AND they gave me the price I wanted for my trade-in.
On 4/18/2010 11:22:58 AM, dolphintattoo wrote:

Reason for Visit: Sales (Used)

I recommend this dealer: No

Employee(s) Dealt With: Matt
They don't put the sticker price on cars so you never really know what they are selling the car for. The salesmanager was definately of the "used car salesman" variety who pushed and pushed and pushed and tried to dismiss all of the research we had done. They wanted $5000 more for a used Highlander with MORE milage that was not Toyota Certified than another dealer and told us there was no way that other dealer could be offering that price. We pick that other car up in 2 days and we paid even less than that dealer's website priced the car at.

Stay far away from this place, they are schysters.

On 3/23/2010 8:57:50 PM, rlbaseball12985 wrote:

Reason for Visit: Sales (Used)

I recommend this dealer: No

Employee(s) Dealt With: sales manager
went in looking to buy a toyota tacoma put a deposit down on one so they would hold it until i brought my trade in to them to look at and then the next day decided against it because i had found another truck somewhere else that i liked better and all i wanted was my deposit back. The sales man that i had dealt with wnated info on the other vehicle and wanted to know what i was willing to pay for it. One manager came out and told me i must be misunderstood about the price of the truck and Then another sales manager came out and told me that he would pay me 500 hundered dollars if i could have the other dealership fax over info about a deal that i was going to make with them and when i refused he proceeded to call me an f'n liar and that there is no way that i could ever recieve that kind of deal. I really didnt care about the deal that i was going to get fromm route 44 toyota i just wanted my deposit back so i can go to this other dealership with something. The sales manager then told me he wasnt going to give me my deposit back until i called myself an f'n liar to his face. When he told me this i really couldnt believe that a salesperson would say such words to a custumer. After he told me i was a f'n liar a few more times i relunctantly said it just to recieve my deposit and get out of there. He then told me sarcasticly "Sure you will get your deposit back maybe tomorrow mabe the next day or maybe next week im not sure when it will be". Finally after a few more words he threw me some paperwork and said"go see the cashier shell give you your refund". After this experiance i am seriously contomplating wether or not to buy a toyota. I have a formal complant into toyota about the dealership waiting to hear back from customer service to see what they have to say.

On 12/14/2009 8:50:48 PM, Mixed Martial Artist wrote:

Reason for Visit: Sales (New)

I recommend this dealer: No

Employee(s) Dealt With: Bruce Sales Manager
My salesman, Paul Benton was great. The sales Manager, Bruce was insulting and condescending. The price I was quoted over the phone, grew by $500.00 dollars when I arrived at the dealership. Their price was over $6,500 higher than another Toyota dealer. Bruce offered me $5,000 under KBB for my trade. He offered me 18,000 for my vehicle. I insisted KBB was 23,000. He told me they go by NADA value. He showed me the NADA book and said, "See, here is your vehicle right here for 20,995." Bruce did not realize that I know how to read a NADA book, and the vehicle he was pointing to, was the "base" model. He conveniently failed to add the additional $2500 for the TRD package, 6 disc cd, tow package power windows and low mileage.

He got mad when I asked why I was paying the 564.00 in dealer holdback, if they were going to get that money back from Toyota when they sold the vehicle. Does he really think he should get paid twice for dealer holdback?????

Please do yourself a favor and do not waste your time like I did.
On 7/14/2009 10:05:50 PM, nicoletta wrote:

Reason for Visit: Sales (Used)

I recommend this dealer: No

Employee(s) Dealt With: Sales guy, Manager, and his Manager
After negotiating a price for a Corolla I was not able to pay for what they were asking and we stayed there for a couple of hours negotiating a price and we asked to leave but they kept harassing trying to get a sale and wouldn't give me my car keys back for the trade they checked out. They let me feel very uncomfortable and nervous even though we let them know my handicapped uncle needed to leave. This was an extremely unethical way of business. I warn you before you go in there especially if you are young.

On 6/30/2009 7:26:29 PM, Truth615 wrote:

Reason for Visit: Sales (New)

I recommend this dealer: No

Employee(s) Dealt With: Multiple
I had just purchased a new vehicle from Route 44 a week ago. When my mom told me she wanted to buy a new truck for my dad. I told her about the great atmosphere at this place and that unlike other dealers they wouldn't take her for a ride. Needless to say everything was going well until negotiations. They offered us a great price on my trade but while negotiating the base price they decided to "rework" the numbers and make us think that after the trade and money down we were getting a good deal when in reality they where only reducing the value of the price $500.00. My mom has a heart condition she left there so upset she need to calmed down because she was having angina. I was also planning on taking my brother there to purchase a new Camry but now they have forever lost my business and that of my family and friends.

On 10/24/2008 2:01:42 PM, InfosecSecurity wrote:

Reason for Visit: Sales (New)

I recommend this dealer: No

Employee(s) Dealt With: Sales and Sales Manager Sihid

This dealership should be closed and investigated by the State of Ma because of the information they ask up front to get you a ballpark of a price for a car. They first took my licensed and scanned into a system. They did not disclose this to me. I hope the new privacy laws coming into law on 1/1/09 will help protect the publice from dealerships like this and I hope will be enforced to the fullest extent of the law. I know dealer's normally take a copier of your license but an electronic image without knowing their privacy policy and disclosuring is quite disturbing. Also with all the identity theft this takes the cake. DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR LICENSE and avoid this dealership at all cost.

On 7/24/2008 9:32:08 AM, WachusettBrewer wrote:

Reason for Visit: Sales

I recommend this dealer: No

Employee(s) Dealt With: Unknown
In my opinion, there is nothing to recommend about this dealership. However,

1) It still has an unsatisfactory rating with the Better Business Bureau.

2) There are charges and a lawsuit for sexual harrasment and discrimination filed through the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination (MCAD)--this is how I have learned of it--pending against this company. It sounds like these actions have merit! Watch the clown-weasels settle, if they have not already.

3) Mangement is obviously ineffectual, consequently standards displayed are clearly lacking. Their prices are high.

a. You could be better served to travel for your shopping instead, for the overall experience; or

b. Maybe you would prefer to take in a show at the War Memorial Opera House?

Just heed the signs that Route 44 is terrific for getting anyplace else!
On 7/8/2008 3:10:13 PM, atkins3 wrote:

Reason for Visit: Sales

I recommend this dealer: No

Employee(s) Dealt With: Chris, Wade, Rick, Michelle, Ron, Bruce
In reading over the other reviews, it sounds like I've had a similar experience. I was looking to price cars, and was pushed into buying that day. They took almost 2 months to register my car. When I first approached them about this, I was told that my car had absolutely been registered and I should call the DMV back, because the DMV had made a mistake. I had to talk to 3 people before that issue was resolved. I have owned the car for less than a year, and it has broken down without warning on three separate occasions. Each time, they told me the issues were not covered under the extended warranty that I bought. The first time the car broke down (10 days after my purchase), I was told that I was going to have to pay more than $500 to fix it. I had to argue with both service and sales to have it fixed at no charge. When I went to the dealership to pick it up, my salesman told me how he'd been in prison for assault. Twice now, they have promised to get me into a new car because they agree that it is awful that they sold me a car that is so unreliable. However, when I've gone back to the dealership, each time I had to wait around for an hour or more to be told they can't do anything for me (unless I wanted to accept a payment that is double my current payment). The last time I was in, they promised me they would get my payment down to one I could make. In the end, they still offered me the payment of twice what I am currently paying. I was told by the sales manager that he could put me in a used car, but according to him I would only have the same problems that I'm having now. He pretty much admitted with that statement that this dealership puts people into faulty cars, and then won't take any responsibility for the issues. I wrote a formal complaint that has not so much as been acknowledged, and now I can't get the person on the phone who should be handling my complaint.

Bad business all around. I would not recommend this dealership to anyone!

On 6/4/2008 11:06:47 AM, jdonohue1 wrote:

Reason for Visit: Sales

I recommend this dealer: No

Employee(s) Dealt With: Business Manager
I was in the process of purchasing a car when informed that it had already been sold. Extremely poor business deal.

On 2/6/2008 11:34:06 AM, jmedeiros wrote:

Reason for Visit: Sales

I recommend this dealer: Yes

Employee(s) Dealt With: 2
I would only recommend this dealer because of the price that we got. No one else could tough it.
Overall, the process was very long and drawn out. They tried forcing my wife and I to test drive, even though we told them that we had already been on a test drive at another dealer. We had to stand up and start walking out before they finally agreed to give us a price on the Toyota.

On 2/15/2007 5:13:07 PM, etdbullock wrote:

Reason for Visit: Sales

I recommend this dealer: No

Employee(s) Dealt With:
Route 44 sold me a car that broke down before it even needed an oil change! Then said the parts broken were not under warranty. I called while at work and was told I had to come down. I went to the dealership immediately and they told me the person I had to speak with had left. To this day the dispute is not resolved. I wouldn't tell my worst enemy to buy a car from this place

On 6/24/2004 2:42:17 PM, pintabc wrote:

Reason for Visit: Sales

I recommend this dealer: No

Employee(s) Dealt With: Rob and Tom
Employees were unbelievably rude and pushy. "I'm not ready to buy" seemed not to register. In fact, it only made them worse. Not only did they force a test drive, but they offered a deal with no intention to see it through. We had settled on a verbal price and trade, but when it was time to do the paperwork, the car price had jumped up several thousand dollars. This type of business should not be rewarded for its behavior, and I deeply regret the waste of my time. Don't fall for the lure of a low price- it serves only to distract you from unscrupulous business tactics that should be illegal.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Toyota KILLED 89 People that we know of.....

As a NEW Toyota owner, I wrongly believed Toyota would be responsive, anxious to correct problems with their BRAND NEW Toyotas.

On the day MY BRAND NEW TOYOTA sailed through a Stop Sign at a public school crossing, surely you can imagine my horror!

What if I killed your child?

My BRAND NEW TOYOTA with unpredictable behavior was left at Route 44 Toyota.
How could I risk injuring someone?

Being told 'NO COMPUTER ERROR MESSAGE' would not bring back your child, nor salve my conscience.

These are NOT hydraulic brakes! They are ferschnucken electronic brakes that lack the 'dual master cylinder' and margin of safety many of us are accustomed to.

For any familiar with Middleboro, it was at the intersection of Wood and Wareham Streets, on a school day.

The nightmares about the possibilities continue to this day....what if there had been a crosswalk filled with children?

Toyota simply doesn't care!

Making a mockery of the legal system.......the endless nightmare

Months ago, the Albany NY Attorney representing the deep-pocketed Toyota U.S.A. client traveled to court, threw a temper tantrum that the interrogatories and discovery MUST be completed by the Plaintiff [ME] before they could schedule an INSPECTION of the LEMON TOYOTA......whining that they hadn't received them yet.


The sound heard from Attorney Keith Rose in the LOONNNGGG interim.....

Except the CLOWNS neglected to acknowledge they had only submitted the requests the week before.

[Sorry! If you want to be treated respectfully, don't behave like CLOWNS!]

It would seem that Attorney Keith Rose from Albany NY has a DEEP POCKETED client he neglected and ignored for months and months.....apparently Toyota U.S.A. has determined that no suitable attorneys exists elsewhere.

The interrogatories and discovery were promptly completed by me and Attorney Rose selected a satisfactory date for a deposition in MAY.

Then cancelled at the last minute 'due to a conflict.'

After witnessing the recent circus, the MAY date seems disingenuous.

NEXT CHAPTER: After much jostling, Attorney Rose and the rest of the Cats to Be Herded determined August 6th and 7th worked for EVERYONE!



Suddenly, as if my MAGIC, Attorney Rose has a CONFLICT!

And then......Dilly, Dally Dan Viera suddenly remembers that his clients, Route 44 Toyota owners, Tim and Denise Bruno [scheduled to be deposed - last chapter of the LEMON LADY prevailing in court] will be in Atlanta for a Toyota Conference or whatever.

Route 44 Toyota: LOST to a LEMON! you think an attorney representing a 'blah, blah, blah......$100 million corporation....' might have confirmed the date before committing for his clients? Do you think folks would write things on their calendars .... or at the very least have a secretary capable of writing do so? Didn't someone have to make reservations, book plane flights....?

Not to be outdone, Attorney Keith Rose, Albany NY representing Toyota U.S.A. disclosed his reasons for cancelling, swore my attorney to secrecy because......he didn't want to see it posted on my blog!

Let's not ignore the Young Twerp for Hertz working for Morrison & Mahoney, a firm with a reputation of spending BUCKETS defending nonsense. [The Young Twerp seems nice, rather inexperienced, only admitted to the bar last year. An improvement over his predecessor who filed with the wrong court, used the wrong procedure. Maybe inadequate supervision.] 

Let's not forget that Hertz FORGED my name and the total balance was only $1400.

Morrison & Mahoney are blessed with another DEEP POCKETED client that ignores the facts and ignores common sense.

 When Corporate America laments the HIGH COST OF LITIGATION, THEY caused it, not me!

BOTTOM LINE: Let's not forget that Toyota killed 89 PEOPLE [that we know of] because Toyota refused to address or correct their SUDDEN ACCELERATION problem. [Many of those lawsuits were settled with GAG ORDERS - we will NEVER know!] If you review the complaints posted on the numerous web sites including NHTSA and the Center for Auto Safety, it seems that Toyota is UNRESPONSIVE if you have a problem with your Toyota.

Remember that only a small percentage of people report complaints.
Remember that Toyota U.S.A. and Route 44 Toyota and Hertz  always have the option of settling this matter rather than continuing to de-forest mountains, waste the court's time and continue the LEMON LADY CIRCUS!

Honk & Wave when you see me!

[And please share your experiences. That's the only way to change behavior.]

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Toyota Recall 2012 Yaris

Report Receipt Date: JUL 03, 2013
NHTSA Campaign Number: 13V292000
Component(s): STEERING
Potential Number of Units Affected: 74

Manufacturer: Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing

Toyota is recalling certain model year 2012 Yaris vehicles manufactured August 21, 2011, through August 31, 2011. A relay in the Power Steering Control Module of the electronic power steering system could experience a short circuit due to insufficient distance between terminals in the relay and moisture contamination of relay coil windings. A short circuit in the relay could disable power steering assistance.
If the power steering assistance shuts off, the driver may have difficulty steering the vehicle, increasing the risk of a crash.
Toyota will notify owners, and dealers will replace the power steering control module. The recall is expected to begin in late July 2013. Owners may contact Toyota at 1-800-331-4331.
Owners may also contact the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Vehicle Safety Hotline at 1-888-327-4236 (TTY 1-800-424-9153), or go to


Wednesday, July 17, 2013

#1 Let's not forget what this is about....

This isn't just about a LEMON!

1. This is about a dealership that employed misleading tactics to obtain my social security number in order to request my credit report - not once, but TWICE!

The 2nd time was ~ 6 MONTHS AFTER I purchased and paid for the BRAND NEW LEMON.

Route 44 Toyota: Where Arrogance and Disregard of the Law Prevails

I was scammed because I didn't know the law. Please, please, don't allow yourself to be put in that position!

These are the legal reasons a credit report may be requested, none of which apply to Route 44 Toyota [bore yourself if you're so inclined]:

Route 44 Toyota and FCRA [Fair Credit Reporting Act]

In addition to requesting MY credit report ~ 6 months AFTER the LEMON was purchased, they requested the credit report of a friend - unrelated to the car - his name is NOT on the title.

I wrote numerous letters and filed complaints in an attempt to remove the inquiries.

The credit inquiries were Faxed immediately upon discovery to the Arrogant Dilly, Dally Dan Viera, who ignored the issue until it was posted on dealerrater.

A Temper Tantrum was thrown!

When the truthful and accurate information was posted on dealerrater, Dilly, Dally Dan BULLIED me with threats of a SLAPP Suit [Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation].
At a time of heightened awareness about BULLYING, Attorney Dan Viera and his client, Route 44 Toyota are woefully out of touch. BULLYING is not different regardless of the target.  
Folks, know your rights when you deal with BULLIES!

Explained here:

Route 44 Toyota Threatens SLAPP

  • The Costs of SLAPP Suits

  • SLAPP and the First Amendment 

    ...classic SLAPP suit. The point of it was to shut Alexandria up and to shut up the commenters. I think you’ve touched on the fact that this was a—the people involved in this enjoy a position of privilege in the community, and they are not used to having their misdeeds laid bare.

    This would have been easily resolved were it not for ARROGANCE!

    Route 44 Toyota could have acknowledged their ILLEGAL error and removed the inquiries.

    That's the problem with ARROGANCE.

    Is this the kind of business you want in your life?

    I'm sorry they're in mine.


    Saturday, July 13, 2013

    You never would have known......

    Dilly, Dally Dan proclaimed '....blah, blah, blah, 100 million dollar corporation...' more awestruck with his fees and long-term relationship than to advise his client about legalities, even when they egregiously violated clearly written statutes.

    The clowns, oops! law-abiding, respectable business owners who only flaunted the law until they got caught.....continued to post photos, names and license plates of NEW owners of their Toyota vehicles.


    NEVER DISCLOSING!  Violating the privacy of their customers, telegraphing a message to would-be car thieves or stalkers. JEOPARDIZING the safety and privacy of their customers.

    Highlighted here:  Route 44 Toyota: Big Brother Award!

    How many people regularly review their credit reports?

    Very few!

    It was only my regular annual review of my credit report that revealed Route 44 Toyota had ILLEGALLY requested my credit report not once, but twice! The last time was ~ 6 MONTHS after I purchased the BRAND NEW LEMON TOYOTA!

    Route 44 Toyota continued to harass me AFTER they were served court documents - that's ILLEGAL!

    And then the Arrogant Dilly, Dally Attorney Viera had the audacity to accuse me of HARASSING Route 44 Toyota to a judge?

    The best the arrogant Dilly, Dally, Dan Viera could do was convince the judge the LEMON LADY would prejudice a JURY - NOT A LEGAL ARGUMENT! And surely not his concern.

    The LEMON LADY was outside of the Plymouth Court House exercising her right of FREE SPEECH. [The LEMON LADY was appropriately attired before the judge.]

    The LEMON LADY was on Route 44, opposite Route 44 Toyota AFTER going to the Raynham Police Department and assuring them she would 1. NOT TRESPASS 2. NOT IMPEDE TRAFFIC, would exercise her Right of FREE SPEECH.

    [It is my understanding that Tim Bruno, General Manager of Route 44 Toyota couldn't stop calling the Raynham Police Department looking for SOME law the LEMON LADY broke, so desperate to silence FREE SPEECH, he even insisted a SIGN PERMIT was required.]

    The LEMON LADY has been at the Middleboro Rotary, the Middleboro Memorial Day Parade [not disrespecting the solemn ceremony].

    Soooo many more places to go and people to see, handouts to share!

    The LEMON LADY has NOT broken any laws.

    The same cannot be said of Route 44 Toyota that seems to do as they please ignoring the laws.


    Others have shared their stories with me and they need to publicly share those stories with others - others need to be aware of what dealerships are doing to CHANGE BEHAVIOR.

    It is only by complaining publicly and making others aware that behavior changes.

    [Route 44 Toyota, Toyota U.S.A. and Hertz have always had the option to settle, but with deep pocketed clients would rather spend more than the case is worth fighting.]

    ANTI-SLAPP: Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation and Why It's Important

    From Rip Off Report on the link for an abundance of information....

    Complaint Review: Anti Slapp laws, why we need it. NOTICE to all consumers. Junk lawsuits targeting free speech are a major threat to the First Amendment to chill consumers first amendment right to speak out. Lisa Borodkin.

    Anti Slapp laws, why we need it. NOTICE to all consumers. Junk lawsuits targeting free speech are a major threat to the First Amendment to chill consumers first amendment right to speak out. Have you been sued for speaking out? Are you afraid of being bullied with a sham lawsuit over something you said? There is a new movement to stop dishonest plaintiffs and their attorneys by preventing and punishing Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation. Help Ripoff Report stop junk lawsuits from destroying small businesses and shutting down freedom of speech on the Internet Washington, DC District of Columbia *California attorney Lisa Borodkin Sued for frivolous lawsuit

    When I posted that Route 44 Toyota ILLEGALLY accessed my credit report as well as that of a friend whose name is NOT attached to the LEMON Toyota they sold me, they threatened a SLAPP Suit.


    Route 44 Toyota had previously threatened that charge $25 per day for storage of the NEW LEMON Toyota left on their property with unpredictable behavior...specifically NO BRAKES.

    There have been numerous other threats as well.

    Route 44 Toyota continued to harass me after they were notified that a lawsuit had been filed.

    Even though I have not communicated with Route 44 Toyota, their attorney, like a petulant child, recently made the accusation to a judge that I harassed Route 44 Toyota. How outlandish!

    The solution is SIMPLE: Settle the Matter!

    We all know they won't do that because M.G.L. 93B makes Toyota U.S.A. [a deep-pocketed client] fully responsible for the legal fees of Route 44 Toyota.....except for the FCRA [Fair Credit Reporting Act] violations --- illegally requesting credit reports.