Friday, June 7, 2013

Route 44 Toyota: LOST to a LEMON!

Attorney Viera and Route 44 Toyota have an obsession with THREATS.

Early in this Folly, Attorney Viera threatened to charge STORAGE of $25 PER DAY for MY LEMON that was left on the property of Route 44 Toyota. [That's when I refused to jeopardize the safety of others because my BRAND NEW TOYOTA had NO BRAKES.]

The was before he threatened a SLAPP suit.

While no personal knowledge is claimed, the threatening behavior is symptomatic of Bullies, Batterers or Narcissists.

Attorney Viera [otherwise known as Dilly, Dally Dan] was pretty full of himself, his threats and his arrogant behavior in court this week.

That Darn LEMON!

How does it feel to lose to a LEMON?

This week's court activities were Tim & Denise Bruno's resistance to be 'deposed' - to have their depositions taken and to testify about their VIOLATION of a FEDERAL LAW....  

and maybe even address why they convinced themselves that had the right to VIOLATE the FCRA [Fair Credit Reporting Act].

Sometimes ARROGANCE knows no bounds and believes itself exempt from the law.

[Tim Bruno, as General Manager of Route 44 Toyota, signed the Agreement with Credco, the reporting service and wrote a letter indicating that he had complied with the law. NOPE! He didn't!]