Tuesday, June 11, 2013

'Transmission' Complaint

Since everyone denies the PROBLEM, it's difficult to know how to categorize it other than 'TRANSMISSION.'

This is another source to review prior to purchase or to post complaints --

when transitioning from battery to engine, significant impactI was in a parking garage traveling at a low rate of speed [~8 MPH] and the impact was so significant, I initially believed I had been struck in the rear.  If this had happened on the highway, it would have created a serious safety issue.  Reported to Toyota and incident # recorded.
Dealer dismmissed issue with 'No Computer Error Message.'
- , Middleboro, MA, USA

As a footnote, it seems that Toyota U.S.A. is unresponsive to consumer complaints.
You only have to review the consumer complaints to draw that conclusion.