Wednesday, July 17, 2013

#1 Let's not forget what this is about....

This isn't just about a LEMON!

1. This is about a dealership that employed misleading tactics to obtain my social security number in order to request my credit report - not once, but TWICE!

The 2nd time was ~ 6 MONTHS AFTER I purchased and paid for the BRAND NEW LEMON.

Route 44 Toyota: Where Arrogance and Disregard of the Law Prevails

I was scammed because I didn't know the law. Please, please, don't allow yourself to be put in that position!

These are the legal reasons a credit report may be requested, none of which apply to Route 44 Toyota [bore yourself if you're so inclined]:

Route 44 Toyota and FCRA [Fair Credit Reporting Act]

In addition to requesting MY credit report ~ 6 months AFTER the LEMON was purchased, they requested the credit report of a friend - unrelated to the car - his name is NOT on the title.

I wrote numerous letters and filed complaints in an attempt to remove the inquiries.

The credit inquiries were Faxed immediately upon discovery to the Arrogant Dilly, Dally Dan Viera, who ignored the issue until it was posted on dealerrater.

A Temper Tantrum was thrown!

When the truthful and accurate information was posted on dealerrater, Dilly, Dally Dan BULLIED me with threats of a SLAPP Suit [Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation].
At a time of heightened awareness about BULLYING, Attorney Dan Viera and his client, Route 44 Toyota are woefully out of touch. BULLYING is not different regardless of the target.  
Folks, know your rights when you deal with BULLIES!

Explained here:

Route 44 Toyota Threatens SLAPP

  • The Costs of SLAPP Suits

  • SLAPP and the First Amendment 

    ...classic SLAPP suit. The point of it was to shut Alexandria up and to shut up the commenters. I think you’ve touched on the fact that this was a—the people involved in this enjoy a position of privilege in the community, and they are not used to having their misdeeds laid bare.

    This would have been easily resolved were it not for ARROGANCE!

    Route 44 Toyota could have acknowledged their ILLEGAL error and removed the inquiries.

    That's the problem with ARROGANCE.

    Is this the kind of business you want in your life?

    I'm sorry they're in mine.