Friday, July 19, 2013

Toyota KILLED 89 People that we know of.....

As a NEW Toyota owner, I wrongly believed Toyota would be responsive, anxious to correct problems with their BRAND NEW Toyotas.

On the day MY BRAND NEW TOYOTA sailed through a Stop Sign at a public school crossing, surely you can imagine my horror!

What if I killed your child?

My BRAND NEW TOYOTA with unpredictable behavior was left at Route 44 Toyota.
How could I risk injuring someone?

Being told 'NO COMPUTER ERROR MESSAGE' would not bring back your child, nor salve my conscience.

These are NOT hydraulic brakes! They are ferschnucken electronic brakes that lack the 'dual master cylinder' and margin of safety many of us are accustomed to.

For any familiar with Middleboro, it was at the intersection of Wood and Wareham Streets, on a school day.

The nightmares about the possibilities continue to this day....what if there had been a crosswalk filled with children?

Toyota simply doesn't care!