Saturday, July 13, 2013

I have a friend......

one of many owning Toyotas who absolutely swear by their vehicles - none of whom purchased their Toyotas from Route 44 Toyota [my mistake!]

So this friend purchased a BRAND NEW TOYOTA and had a problem with BRAKE NOISE.

If you take the time to bore yourself with the MANY, MANY Toyota complaints, you'll find that this is a COMMON problem that Toyota has ignored, among many other complaints.

My friend took her BRAND NEW Toyota back to the dealership to address the problem.

My friend was provided with a LOANER until the problem was diagnosed and resolved.

The owner of the dealership actually called my friend to make sure she was satisfied.
[Route 44 Toyota never did this.]

The dealership REFUSED to allow my friend to drive a vehicle that jeopardized her safety and that of innocent others until the problem was resolved.

The 'engineer' employed by this dealership took her BRAND NEW Toyota apart, scrutinized the parts, actually took my friend into the shop area to explain the 'NOISE.'

The 'engineer' assured my friend that this was a Toyota design flaw [that Toyota seems to have ignored] and would NOT jeopardize her safety.

He actually put it in writing that the BRAKE NOISE would NOT jeopardize her safety.

That seems to be what Toyota U.S.A. has forced responsible dealerships to do rather than correcting Toyota's 'design flaws' or addressing complaints.

The solution is to put your foot on the brakes after starting the vehicle, shift into neutral and hold the brake on for 5 seconds.