Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Toyota Sucks

You might find the web site below of value.

Toyota U.S.A. seems to exhibit a consistent pattern of not responding to consumer complaints.

[Please remember that only 13% of people complain, so complaints posted are never representative of an accurate sampling.]

welcome to toyota sucks

Toyota Sucks is your online resource for Toyota complaints. Toyotas suck, and if you've been a loyal Toyota customer don't expect Toyota Motor Sales U.S.A., Inc. to repay that loyalty with much more than lip service if you ever have problems with a Toyota dealer. Toyota.com isn't going to do anything for many of you.

If you have a complaint you wish to file against Toyota or a Toyota dealer simply file a complaint with us. Your Toyota dealership complaint will be processed and posted online to alert the general internet public to your specific issue. You can also read dealer complaints filed by other Toyota owners.


Earl Stewart Toyota could be the worst dealer in the State of Florida.

Why we are here...

This site was born from the frustration of trying to deal with Toyota over a $70 issue. An El Paso Toyota dealer, Dick Poe Toyota, (part of the Dick Poe Motors group) performed an unauthorized recall repair to my Toyota Tundra one day while it was in for an oil change. Dick Poe Toyota performed the unauthorized repair improperly and the front end needed to be aligned afterwards.

Toyota paid this dealer over $419 for performing the unauthorized repair. This Toyota dealer jerked me around for 5 weeks and never repaired the vehicle. I ended up having to take the truck to another Toyota dealer to have it fixed at a cost of $70. I went to www.toyota.com to file a complaint against Dick Poe Toyota.

I asked Toyota for help and they essentially told me that they have no control over their dealers and could not help me. I can think of several things they could have done, such as withhold paying the $419 recall repair payment until my truck was actually fixed and requiring dealers to ask permission from vehicle owners before performing warranty repairs.

Toyota could have sent a strong message to dealers who hijack customer vehicles performing unauthorized warranty and recall repairs. Toyota chose not to do anything about this practice. Toyota sucks.

Toyota has no loyalty for their customers...

Every day loyal Toyota customers are ripped off by dishonest Toyota dealerships and Toyota is content to stand by and watch it happen. Given Toyota's record for siding with their Toyota dealers, the general Toyota public is left with essentially no complaint process for filing complaints against dishonest and disreputable Toyota dealers and dealerships.