Friday, July 19, 2013

Making a mockery of the legal system.......the endless nightmare

Months ago, the Albany NY Attorney representing the deep-pocketed Toyota U.S.A. client traveled to court, threw a temper tantrum that the interrogatories and discovery MUST be completed by the Plaintiff [ME] before they could schedule an INSPECTION of the LEMON TOYOTA......whining that they hadn't received them yet.


The sound heard from Attorney Keith Rose in the LOONNNGGG interim.....

Except the CLOWNS neglected to acknowledge they had only submitted the requests the week before.

[Sorry! If you want to be treated respectfully, don't behave like CLOWNS!]

It would seem that Attorney Keith Rose from Albany NY has a DEEP POCKETED client he neglected and ignored for months and months.....apparently Toyota U.S.A. has determined that no suitable attorneys exists elsewhere.

The interrogatories and discovery were promptly completed by me and Attorney Rose selected a satisfactory date for a deposition in MAY.

Then cancelled at the last minute 'due to a conflict.'

After witnessing the recent circus, the MAY date seems disingenuous.

NEXT CHAPTER: After much jostling, Attorney Rose and the rest of the Cats to Be Herded determined August 6th and 7th worked for EVERYONE!



Suddenly, as if my MAGIC, Attorney Rose has a CONFLICT!

And then......Dilly, Dally Dan Viera suddenly remembers that his clients, Route 44 Toyota owners, Tim and Denise Bruno [scheduled to be deposed - last chapter of the LEMON LADY prevailing in court] will be in Atlanta for a Toyota Conference or whatever.

Route 44 Toyota: LOST to a LEMON! you think an attorney representing a 'blah, blah, blah......$100 million corporation....' might have confirmed the date before committing for his clients? Do you think folks would write things on their calendars .... or at the very least have a secretary capable of writing do so? Didn't someone have to make reservations, book plane flights....?

Not to be outdone, Attorney Keith Rose, Albany NY representing Toyota U.S.A. disclosed his reasons for cancelling, swore my attorney to secrecy because......he didn't want to see it posted on my blog!

Let's not ignore the Young Twerp for Hertz working for Morrison & Mahoney, a firm with a reputation of spending BUCKETS defending nonsense. [The Young Twerp seems nice, rather inexperienced, only admitted to the bar last year. An improvement over his predecessor who filed with the wrong court, used the wrong procedure. Maybe inadequate supervision.] 

Let's not forget that Hertz FORGED my name and the total balance was only $1400.

Morrison & Mahoney are blessed with another DEEP POCKETED client that ignores the facts and ignores common sense.

 When Corporate America laments the HIGH COST OF LITIGATION, THEY caused it, not me!

BOTTOM LINE: Let's not forget that Toyota killed 89 PEOPLE [that we know of] because Toyota refused to address or correct their SUDDEN ACCELERATION problem. [Many of those lawsuits were settled with GAG ORDERS - we will NEVER know!] If you review the complaints posted on the numerous web sites including NHTSA and the Center for Auto Safety, it seems that Toyota is UNRESPONSIVE if you have a problem with your Toyota.

Remember that only a small percentage of people report complaints.
Remember that Toyota U.S.A. and Route 44 Toyota and Hertz  always have the option of settling this matter rather than continuing to de-forest mountains, waste the court's time and continue the LEMON LADY CIRCUS!

Honk & Wave when you see me!

[And please share your experiences. That's the only way to change behavior.]