Saturday, July 13, 2013


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My review posted HERE

3/10/2013 12:25:12 PM

Reason For Visit: Sales (New)
I Recommend This Dealer: No
Employee(s) Dealt With:
Mark Viera

My Review Of Route 44 Toyota:
In April 2012, we purchased a Toyota Prius from this dealership and paid for the vehicle in full.
Big Mistake!

Within 1 month, with 600 miles on the odometer, we had 3 problems that Route 44 Toyota refused to correct.

The first problem was when the vehicle transitioned from battery to engine, there was such a significant impact, it seemed as if the vehicle had been struck in the rear.

The last 2 problems were NO BRAKES!
The BRAKE Pedal traveled to the floor and the dashboard warning light came on.
There were NO BRAKES!

I demonstrated this to the Route 44 Technician sitting in the passenger seat REPEATEDLY!
We never left the property of Route 44 Toyota.

With NO BRAKES, how could I drive the vehicle?
It was left on the property of Route 44 Toyota.

We recently discovered that when Route 44 Toyota obtained my personal information on the day I paid for the vehicle, they ILLEGALLY accessed my credit report. I did NOT apply for credit and did NOT sign a credit application.

When they finally discovered my vehicle on their property with no licenses plates on it [because I had turned them in], they again ILLEGALLY accessed my credit report.

In addition, on that same day, they ILLEGALLY accessed the credit report of a disinterested Third Party whose name is NOT on the Title of the vehicle.

[When they discovered my vehicle on their property, suit had been filed and they had been formally notified, yet failed to cease contacting me.]

In other words, they obtained credit information ILLEGALLY 3 TIMES!

Posted on the RipOff Report is another incident of them doing the same thing to another customer.

This is in violation of the Fair Credit Reporting Act - a federal law.

Posted on the NHTSA web site are 30 complaints about Toyota Prius brakes, 7 of which have caused accidents.

In December 2012, a Petition for Defect Investigation was filed with NHTSA.

The attorney representing Route 44 Toyota is known for his refusal to settle matters, even when he is aware that he will lose, so we expect to be forced to go to trial in this case, possibly in federal court since Route 44 Toyota violated federal law.

The attorney representing Toyota is much the same.

So my vehicle with NO BRAKES sits and sits.

This matter is scheduled to return to court on March 18th, this post is scheduled to be posted on March 24th.

Maybe Route 44 Toyota will make a good faith effort to correct their business practices.
Another poster accused Route 44 Toyota of posting phony reviews.
You be the judge.