Saturday, July 13, 2013

You never would have known......

Dilly, Dally Dan proclaimed '....blah, blah, blah, 100 million dollar corporation...' more awestruck with his fees and long-term relationship than to advise his client about legalities, even when they egregiously violated clearly written statutes.

The clowns, oops! law-abiding, respectable business owners who only flaunted the law until they got caught.....continued to post photos, names and license plates of NEW owners of their Toyota vehicles.


NEVER DISCLOSING!  Violating the privacy of their customers, telegraphing a message to would-be car thieves or stalkers. JEOPARDIZING the safety and privacy of their customers.

Highlighted here:  Route 44 Toyota: Big Brother Award!

How many people regularly review their credit reports?

Very few!

It was only my regular annual review of my credit report that revealed Route 44 Toyota had ILLEGALLY requested my credit report not once, but twice! The last time was ~ 6 MONTHS after I purchased the BRAND NEW LEMON TOYOTA!

Route 44 Toyota continued to harass me AFTER they were served court documents - that's ILLEGAL!

And then the Arrogant Dilly, Dally Attorney Viera had the audacity to accuse me of HARASSING Route 44 Toyota to a judge?

The best the arrogant Dilly, Dally, Dan Viera could do was convince the judge the LEMON LADY would prejudice a JURY - NOT A LEGAL ARGUMENT! And surely not his concern.

The LEMON LADY was outside of the Plymouth Court House exercising her right of FREE SPEECH. [The LEMON LADY was appropriately attired before the judge.]

The LEMON LADY was on Route 44, opposite Route 44 Toyota AFTER going to the Raynham Police Department and assuring them she would 1. NOT TRESPASS 2. NOT IMPEDE TRAFFIC, would exercise her Right of FREE SPEECH.

[It is my understanding that Tim Bruno, General Manager of Route 44 Toyota couldn't stop calling the Raynham Police Department looking for SOME law the LEMON LADY broke, so desperate to silence FREE SPEECH, he even insisted a SIGN PERMIT was required.]

The LEMON LADY has been at the Middleboro Rotary, the Middleboro Memorial Day Parade [not disrespecting the solemn ceremony].

Soooo many more places to go and people to see, handouts to share!

The LEMON LADY has NOT broken any laws.

The same cannot be said of Route 44 Toyota that seems to do as they please ignoring the laws.


Others have shared their stories with me and they need to publicly share those stories with others - others need to be aware of what dealerships are doing to CHANGE BEHAVIOR.

It is only by complaining publicly and making others aware that behavior changes.

[Route 44 Toyota, Toyota U.S.A. and Hertz have always had the option to settle, but with deep pocketed clients would rather spend more than the case is worth fighting.]