Monday, May 27, 2013

Happy Memorial Day! And Thanks To All For Sharing!

A friend who is a Retired, Disabled Veteran encouraged me to attend the Middleboro Memorial Day Parade.

On a day memorializing those lost fighting for Freedom, what could be more appropriate?

The disdainful looks were curious, to say the least.
Since an ancestor has fought in every war since the American Revolution [and a few prior to that], too many on the pretext of defending our Constitution and our Freedoms that used to include Freedom of Speech [among other we seem to have forgotten], far too many require an education in history or at the very least a re-read of our Founding Documents.

Once again, thanks for all who shared bad experiences. How pathetic that we have too little recourse?  

Once again, it was impressive how many spoke highly of Copeland Toyota.

Sorry no one told me before I went to Route 44 Toyota!

As consumers, a car is the 2nd most expensive item purchased and we have a right to expect integrity and accountability.

Beyond purchasing a LEMON from Route 44 Toyota, accessing credit reports in violation of FCRA [Fair Credit Reporting Act] is beyond reprehensible.

Even more so, when it was done ~ 6 months after the purchase.

Being too arrogant to acknowledge their legal violation is insulting. There was simply no justification for trashing my legal rights!

Route 44 Toyota could have simply removed the credit inquiries, yet instead bullied, threatening a SLAPP suit [Stategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation].

Is this a business you want to patronize?