Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Hertz, Raynham: Dilly, Dally, Delay & Billem Part 2

The Bullies at Hertz, Raynham were eventually included in the lawsuit.

The total amount of the unauthorized 'rental fee' was ~ $1400. Keep that in mind because Morrison & Mahoney has charged their client far more than that amount with the court stuff they've done.

The pile of paper cost more than the 'rental fee.'

The first attorney from Morrison & Mahoney was not admitted to the Massachusetts Bar and fully unfamiliar with the process, committing a bunch of blunders. No supervision!

The current 'Wet-Behind-The-Ears-Kid' has committed his own blunders without supervision, including presenting an 'affidavit' of sorts to the court that was inappropriate.

Although the 'Wet-Behind-The-Ears-Kid' is endearing and cute in his own way, he keeps excusing that Hertz, Raynham 'super-imposed' my signature on a computerized rental agreement - they forged my signature.

The most recent blunder is the trees killed to file a response to a 'counter claim' when none was required.


This nonsensical response was filed with the Court, with my attorney, with the Route 44 Toyota Attorney, with the Toyota U.S.A. attorney. One would expect that each of those attorneys also forwarded this unnecessary 'counter claim' to their clients.

When Big Corporations tell you about the HIGH PRICE of litigation, it's their fault, their failures and their incompetence.