Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Hertz, Raynham: Dilly, Dally, Delay & Billem

No Day Goes By.....

without astonishing surprises!

Instead of Dilly, Dally, Delay & Stall law firms, they have been re-named

Dilly, Dally, Delay & Billem

Morrison & Mahoney's Wet-Behind-The Ears Kid [at my age, they all look like they're 12], Jordan O'Donnell, just admitted to the Bar last year, has killed more trees!

Must the tape be rewound to catch this?

Route 44 Toyota called Hertz, made arrangements for a RENTAL to replace my BRAND NEW TOYOTA WITH NO BRAKES that I refused to drive.

When Hertz, Raynham picked me up and brought us to their office, there was a younger man with his elderly father in their office arguing about extra charges.

Another Hertz, Raynham employee was arguing with a woman on the telephone about extra charges.


Surely, you've rented a car.
You walk around the car, note any damage, scratches, dents, sign a PIECE OF PAPER, and you're off!

In the past, we've only used Enterprise and they're pleasant, professional and we have NEVER EVER heard anyone arguing.

In the hostile environment that is Hertz, Raynham, I signed 2 PIECES OF PAPER, was not given a copy of either, led to believe Route 44 Toyota was paying for the loaner, and waited an inordinate amount of time without explanation.

The contract portion indicated a Decline of Additional Insurance Coverage, as I recall.

When Route 44 Toyota was served with the lawsuit, they notified Hertz, Raynham.

On that day, Hertz, Raynham began putting a HOLD on my credit card without notifying me.

A week later, the 'Manager' of the Hertz, Raynham Office left a bullying message on my answering machine threatening to call the Police and report the car stolen if I didn't immediately return it.


When I attempted to have an adult conversation with the BULLY at the Hertz, Raynham office, predictably he was absent.

When I returned the vehicle and keys, the BULLY was screaming and yelling at me!

To be continued.