Friday, August 2, 2013

Wild Accusations!

Dilly, Dally Dan [otherwise known as Attorney Daniel Viera representing Route 44 Toyota] stood before a judge and threw a temper tantrum!

At least he was on time!


Dilly, Dally Dan made wild accusations that the LEMON LADY was HARASSING Route 44 Toyota, his $100 MILLION a year client.

Poor Danny dragged everyone into court, including the LEMON LADY, to protect his $100 MILLION clients from being 'deposed.'

Poor Nichole whatever, the Toyota U.S.A. attorney drove all the way from Albany, NY

Ca Ching! Ca Ching!

to merely state her name, her law firm and identify her client to justify her billable hours.

[While Toyota U.S.A. was certainly free to attend the silly court motion, from the client's perspective, the cost was unnecessary and had nothing to do with Toyota U.S.A., but Deep Pocketed Corporate clients don't babysit the Dilly, Dally, Delay & Stall law firms. That's why their costs of litigation are so high.]

Attorney Viera's conduct is politely explained here....YES! He lost to a LEMON in spite of his temper tantrum not based on the LAW:
Route 44 Toyota: LOST to a LEMON!

Yesterday, July 31, 2013, when another mailing was received from Route 44 Toyota, this was posted:
Route 44 Toyota Harassing ME...AGAIN! When will it STOP?

Dilly, Dally Dan was put on notice of that emotionally distressing breach and his arrogant response is below:

Without addressing the hyperbole in your email, I do not recall the request you are referring to of October 11, 2012. Notwithstanding, if you send me a copy of the “inappropriate” communication to which you refer, I can determine its actual source and will address it accordingly.

Thank you,

Daniel J. Vieira

Danny's arrogant response and empty promise to address was similar when the ILLEGAL CREDIT INQUIRIES were discovered. That remains uncorrected.
You just can't get rid of these people! They're like leeches!

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