Friday, August 16, 2013

Route 44 Toyota is like having LEECHES!

When a business, such as ROUTE 44 TOYOTA is served notice that they are being sued, a court case has been filed and a customer is REPRESENTED by LEGAL COUNSEL,

ALL communication needs to CEASE.

Not so with ROUTE 44 TOYOTA!

DILLY, DALLY DAN failed to explain the law to ROUTE 44 TOYOTA!

Dilly, Dally Dan explained to the court '.....$100 MILLION Corporation, BLAH! BLAH! BLAH!......' guess that means the LAWS don't apply to ROUTE 44 TOYOTA!

ROUTE 44 TOYOTA bombards their customers with JUNK MAIL that is unparalleled in my experience!

On OCTOBER 11, 2012, ROUTE 44 TOYOTA apparently discovered MY LEMON TOYOTA on their property with NO LICENSE PLATES [because I had turned them in and cancelled the insurance].

A message was left on my answering machine by ROUTE 44 violation of the law......that was the same day ROUTE 44 TOYOTA ILLEGALLY requested my credit report, as well as that of a friend [whose name is NOT on the title of the TOYOTA LEMON].

Rather than have my attorney address this ILLEGAL CONDUCT by ROUTE 44 TOYOTA, I returned the message....listened to sputtering by the ROUTE 44 TOYOTA employee about '.....trouble obtaining financing [which was never the case and which seemed to indicate the Dummy might have already requested credit reports and had no records in front of him while he babbled incomprehensively]..... 

1. failed to check records indicating the LEMON TOYOTA was fully paid for,

2. ignored that there was an Inspection Sticker on the LEMON TOYOTA that would only have been there had the vehicle been REGISTERED,

3. sputtered about 'how can we resolved...?' to which I explained that ROUTE 44 TOYOTA needed to make an offer to MY ATTORNEY,

4. during the conversation, I placed the ROUTE 44 TOYOTA employee on NOTICE: 


And yet, ROUTE 44 TOYOTA hasn't stopped!

How do I get rid of ROUTE 44 TOYOTA?

There are many solutions on the internet to get rid of Cockroaches, Bed Bugs, Acne, Bad Breath, Rodents, Herpes, Cellulite, but absolutely nothing about getting rid of ROUTE 44 TOYOTA!

Sent August 1, 2013:
Attorney Vieira,

Please be advised my client has informed me of further communications from Rte 44 via a mailing sent to her. As you may recall, back on or about October 11, 2012, my client directly notified Rte 44 Toyota to remove her address from all mailing lists and remove her telephone to cease any further calls and communications.

Presently my client is suffering from severe back pain and has expressed her frustration and the additional stress she is sustaining directly resulting from the inappropriate communications from your client.

Please consider this sufficient notice and formal demand for your client to cease and desist any and all communications and contacts to my client.

If your client fails to comply with this second and FINAL DEMAND, we will have no choice but to take further legal action requesting a restraining order to prevent further harassment to my client.

Without addressing the hyperbole in your email, I do not recall the request you are referring to of October 11, 2012. Notwithstanding, if you send me a copy of the “inappropriate” communication to which you refer, I can determine its actual source and will address it accordingly.
Thank you,
Daniel J. Vieira


Attorney Vieira,
My client is sending me the mail she received from Rte 44 Toyota.
She is unable to drive to my office to bring it to me, so for now we have to wait on the US Mail.
Please note that ANY communications from your client are "inappropriate".
Thank you for addressing this situation.

ROUTE 44 TOYOTA is like having do you get rid of these people when they ignore the law?