Thursday, August 15, 2013


Below is the most recent incarnation of the HANDOUT the LEMON offers as explanation for the LEMON TOYOTA and the ILLEGAL BUSINESS PRACTICES of ROUTE 44 TOYOTA:

Route 44 Toyota Sold Me A LEMON
Google: Route 44 Toyota Sold Me A LEMON
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Civil Action #1259CV871
Plymouth Court

Hi Folks! Maybe you're thinking about a Toyota....
Route 44 Toyota sold me a Brand New LEMON!
I said: NO BRAKES!
Route 44 Toyota said: NO COMPUTER ERROR MESSAGE!
Toyota says: Our Dealers are INDEPENDENT
Route 44 Toyota says: Toyota is responsible


Route 44 Toyota requested my credit report TWICE. They also accessed the credit report of a friend. They did this almost 6 months AFTER I paid for the car.
We never applied for credit.

This violates FCRA - Fair Credit Reporting Act - a federal law.

When I posted those FACTS on the internet, Route 44 Toyota threatened a SLAPP suit [Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation] to intimidate and bully instead of acknowledging their error.
Route 44 Toyota continued to harass me after I filed a lawsuit.
Please research Toyota to make an informed decision before you purchase. 70% of car buyers don't research their purchase. Don't be one of them.
Thank you for taking the time to read this. Please share.
[The car you see me driving is a used Nissan, purchased from Andrews Family Automotive in Lakeville for whom I have nothing but praise! Sorry for any confusion. My LEMON Toyota was left on the property of Route 44 Toyota when I refused to drive it with NO BRAKES. Would you?]