Sunday, September 22, 2013

PTC: Killing Another Forest! #5

...except....Toyota U.S.A. attorney, the King of Conflict, keeps insisting that he needs dates to depose the LEMON LADY's attorney!

Posted here: VACATION wasn't long enough!

Deep Pocketed Clients don't really care! Competence doesn't matter.

When Big Corporations whine, lament and cry that litigation is SO EXPENSIVE....they made it so!

The King of Conflict wakes up!

Prepares a court thingey to FORCE

the LEMON LADY's deposition discussed and agreed to!


A childish temper tantrum surely worth a few more BILLABLE HOURS!

Wouldn't you love to see that STATEMENT OF LEGAL FEES?

Mr. Toyota U.S.A. is careless with details and he's made other errors not commented on.....

Those 42 pages are surely taken from a previous case because Mr. Toyota U.S.A. did that with the INTERROGATORIES and his careless proof-reading skills left conspicuous errors. [Wonder what that cost TOYOTA U.S.A.]