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Mitsubishi Montero Sudden Acceleration Accidents

Mitsubishi Montero Sudden Acceleration Accidents [MERGED]
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Raffy Nieto
As I have indicated in my May 24 post, we have learned from some sources that DTI has decided on the SUA
issue. We have tried to secure a copy of this. DTI has acknowledged the existence of a formal
document relating to this dated May 2017, but we were denied the opportunity to see it. They
however acknowledged that Mitsubishi was given a copy. So once again, we are apparently in a
situation where DTI has been giving full access to Mitsubishi on any discussions relating to this SUA
issue. Yet, they have barred the complainants and other involved parties from being provided equal
access to the same level of info and discussions.
To make it well known to everyone, I am sharing here a copy of the email that I have sent DTI expressing
this concern. In this email, I have also expressed concern on Mitsubishi submitting the Horiba Mira Report as
their point of defense, but DTI has not bothered to contact us on our comments on such report. We have
provided DTI a copy of Dr. Ronald Belt’s assessment on the HR report last Jan 2017. But we have not heard
any feedback from DTI on this.
Below is the txt content of the email:
DTI Secretary
Dear Mr. Lopez.
We have received word that a formal document within DTI has been issued this May 2017 on FTEB Admin
Case # 15-219. The contents of such document is reported to be taking the side of the complainants. The
complainants have sought to secure a copy of this document through the 8888 hotline and only the attached
doc (Chronology of Events…) has been provided. This doc is dated March 2017, so this DOES NOT YET
INCLUDE the reported document updated document dated this month of May.
One of the complainants, Mr. Bernardino Bernardo went to the DTI offices last week (May 24) to try to
secure a copy of this missing doc. The person (lady) who spoke to Mr. Bernardo acknowledged the existence
of this updated May 2017 document, but relayed to him that she was NOT authorized to release a copy to
him. However, it was also confirmed that a copy of this same doc being requested was released to
Based on the attached “Chronology of Events…” document (dated Mar 29, 2017), there seems to have been
much activity on this case starting this March 2017. As far as we know from the complainants, no update
has been provided to them relating to these recent updates. Exchanges to this case have apparently been
completely limited only between DTI & Mitsubishi. The complainants who are an equal party to this case has
been kept out of the exchanges.
Last Jan 18, I sent an email (shown below) presenting the analysis prepared by our expert, Dr. Ronald Belt
on his assessment of the Horiba Mira report that has been submitted to DTI by Mitsubishi. The attached Mar
29, 2017 “Chronology of Events…” document confirms DTI’s receipt of this report. However, no reference has
been made on considering the analysis docs presented by Dr. Belt. As an example, Mitsubishi has been
heavily publishing news reports that the Horiba Mira report has completely cleared the Montero Sport of any
defect that can cause SUA. However, the Horiba Mira does not render any such conclusion. The HR report
also has indicated a SUA report rate on the Montero Sport that’s 20x higher than the highly celebrated
Toyota SUA cases in the US where the courts have sided with the complainants. Such high level of statistics
can’t be ignored, which DTI needs to consider in assessing this case. At the very least, our group who has
been directly coordinating with Dr. Belt could have been approached to help interpret its contents to
objectively render the complainant’s points for this case #FTEB 15-219 that’s being reviewed.
Since the start, the complainants and those like myself assisting in this investigation have been expecting
openness and transparency from DTI on points relating to this SUA issue. We however cannot help but notice
that DTI who has been mandated by the people to help protect consumers have been providing preferential
treatment to the respondents, by limiting the involvement of the complainants. We have already earlier
expressed major concerns on DTI’s possible whitewash of this issue when they barred us from participating
on any discussions relating to this SUA issue.
In summary, the complainants and those assisting in the investigation should be given EQUAL access and
allowed full transparency over DTI’s activities on this complaint. In behalf of those assisting like myself, Dr.
Ronald Belt and other supporting parties, we are here to objectively help resolve this issue for the safety of
the general motoring public.
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Mitsubishi Montero Sudden Acceleration Accidents [MERGED]
(page 351, post #3508)