Saturday, February 7, 2015

Fatal Hyundai Car Wash Dash!

There is a LIST of vehicles known for SUDDEN UNINTENDED ACCELERATION.

The public doesn't know.

You don't know.

It's all a BAD SURPRISE sometimes with FATAL CONSEQUENCES!

Media Spin! Bob Scrum SPILLED THE BEANS! The Nation of MINDLESS SHEEP!


Suspected Acceleration Malfunction Kills Gas Station Worker

SEOUL, Feb. 7 (Korea Bizwire) – A gas station worker in South Korea has been killed by a vehicle in what might be an “abrupt acceleration” accident, police said Saturday. (the related video is available on SBS video clip)
The person, intensified by his surname Kim, was hit at around 3 p.m. on Friday by a Kia Motors Corp.’s Sorento SUV, which plowed into him after going through an automatic car washing service at the gas station in Seocho, located in the south side of Seoul, according to the police.
He was rushed to a nearby hospital but was later pronounced dead.The driver, identified by his surname Song, claimed that his SUV “abruptly surged forward” when leaving the car wash, the police said.His car hit another vehicle, entered the street and came to a halt just before the center line, witnesses said.
Song is now under police custody for investigation. The police plan to closely analyze the records obtained from the car and nearby CCTVs to figure out the exact cause of the accident.
Correction: According to the latest local reports, the automobile suspected of causing the acceleration malfunction turned out to be not Kia’s Sorrento but Hyundai’s Santa fe model.


Were standing automatic car wash car dash ... 'geupbaljin' claims

Input: 6/2/2015

<Anchor> has finished out of the gas station car wash in the automatic car wash suddenly throwing speed got dropped on top of the car wash employees. Jyeotneunde breath hit by an employee in the car, buy car drivers are claiming geupbaljin. bakahreum reporter was covering. <Reporter>   A gas station car wash in the end. The black car suddenly jumped out to employees rushed to the car wash. The car was standing for my runs are used to get faster to the road centerline. The flies surprised that fellow employees to get hit by a car, you reach the road Observe. Today (6th) 3:00 o'clock in the automatic car wash at a gas station in Seocho-gu, Seoul After the vehicle just got dropped from the 45-year-old Mr. Kim all employees. [car wash workers: people are falling from the trees in front of me because normally people floating roofs downed the first time the rate has decreased. Downed suddenly slammed hard enough to walk away and throw back driveway.]     came out and pulled the vehicle pillars were erected on the ground and quickly rushed, the staff was using radiators have been cheochamhi department staff, Kim, but moved to the hospital after the accident, it was breathtaking . driver 47-year-old mother, Mr. Song and claims that geupbaljin. [police officer. The driver sake do not come out to eat and wash the things they are going jyeotneunde do not know and I do, like geupbaljin ...]   the police to identify the cause of the accident will be referred to the National Institute of Scientific Investigation and analysis of the accident vehicle CCTV video.  (Video interview: yudonghyeok, Video Editing: Kim, Jong - Woo)