Thursday, March 12, 2015

Is that an older TOYOTA crashing into Pudge Brothers Pizza?

Please notice that the article leaps to conclusions and fails to identify the vehicle.
We already know that insurance companies and car washes KNOW which vehicles are prone to SUDDEN UNINTENDED ACCELERATION. Is that what happened?

Why does the media fail to report MAKE, MODEL and YEAR of the vehicle?


Car Hits Woman, Plows Into Colorado Pizza Parlor

Posted: Mar 12, 2015

(CNN) -- Surveillance video out of Aurora, Colorado shows a car hitting a woman walking by, slamming into a pizza shop, and then hitting the woman walking away.

Pudge Brothers Pizza is used to walk-ins, but the never thought they'd have a drive-through window like this.

The driver of the car reportedly hit the gas instead of the brakes and not only plowed into the restaurant, but also a woman who was walking by.

The woman who ended up on the hood somehow bounced right back. She is expected to be okay.

As for the people in the car, friends say it was all just an accident.

Despite the damage, the Pudge Brothers aren't slowing down or even stopping. The restaurant is staying open, still making pizzas, even without a front window.

The police haven't said is charges will be pressed.