Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Out-Of-Cotrol TOYOTA CAMRY hits house

It is unclear from published reports and inquiries if the TOYOTA CAMRY  [in the article below] was struck by another vehicle before ACCELERATING UNCONTROLLABLY.

If the TOYOTA CAMRY was struck by another vehicle that caused its WILD ACCELERATION, this will be the 3rd such incident that has been documented and reported.

The TOYOTA SOLARA that caused the death of Lily Quintus was struck in the rear before careening uncontrollably into her Day Care Center.

...skid marks revealed that the TOYOTA SOLARA driver attempted to stop.....

This nice lady is Noriko Uno....

...after Noriko Uno's TOYOTA was struck by another vehicle, the TOYOTA took off accelerating  uncontrollably.....

Is this another TOYOTA problem that NHTSA is ignoring?

This Toyota Camry reportedly had a mechanical malfunction, causing a minor crash in North Coventry, then causing the vehicle to travel into Pottstown out of control before crashing through the wall of this house at 259 N. Hanover St. Monday morning. KEVIN HOFFMAN —THE MERCURY

Updated: Car races out of control on Hanover Street, crashes into house

By Kaitlyn Foti, The Mercury

Pottstown >> A driver lost control of her car Monday morning, causing her to speed through nearly one mile of Hanover Street and ending only as she crashed into a home at Third and Hanover streets, police said.

The incident began at 11:18 a.m. when the woman’s Toyota Camry was struck by another vehicle on the 422 off-ramp at South Hanover Street. Police said the impact cause her to hit a porch and lose the ability to brake.

“We are investigating whether it was driver error or mechanical,” said Sgt. Thomas McCloy of Pottstown Police.

The woman travelled at a high rate of speed up Hanover through busy intersections at Industrial Highway, High Street, King Street and Beech Street. Finally, she went through the parking lot at Third, hitting a grass embankment, launching into the air and hitting the porch and brick outer wall of a home on the 200 block of North Hanover, police said.

The 59-year-old driver took to the wrong side of the street to avoid traffic, driving northbound in the southbound lanes, police said.

When police arrived on the scene, the woman was out of the car and “was very upset,” McCloy said. Goodwill ambulance treated the woman for minor injuries and she was taken to Reading Hospital for evaluation, police said.

The accident caused extensive damage to the house, according to police.

Earlier version of the story:
POTTSTOWN ­­>> A car that careened out of control for several blocks on Hanover Street crashed into a house at the corner of Third and Hanover streets Monday morning. No one was reported injured in the house.

The visibly shaken driver was being tended to by paramedics at the scene.

Witnesses said it appeared the driver had a mechanical problem with her car while driving on Hanover Street in North Coventry, causing her car to race forward across the Hanover Street bridge and through downtown Pottstown. The vehicle crashed into the house across from St. Aloysius Church, witnesses said.