Friday, January 16, 2015

Serious Q regarding the Toyota unintended acceleration settlement.

I recently got a check for 30 bucks because I own a Toyota that happens to be in the class action settlement.

The check states "By my (our) signature(s) on the back of this check, I (we) hereby agree to the terms of the Release as stated in Section VI of the Settlement Agreement."

This section has some very broad legal language that basically releases Toyota forever from any known and unknown events "connected with, and/or in any way involving the Actions, the Subject Vehicles, any and all claims involving the ETCS, any and all claims of unintended acceleration in any manner that are, or could have been, defined, alleged or described in the Economic Loss Master Consolidated Complaint, {...}, the TAMCC, the Actions or any amendments of the Actions, including, but not limited to, the design, manufacturing, advertising, testing, marketing, functionality, servicing, sale, lease or resale of the Subject Vehicles."

(Full agreement here: AGREEMENT EXHIBITS.pdf )

There is a provision that does not release them from property damage or wrongful death suits, but they are still exempt from paying for any lawyer fees win or lose.

Now, I do believe these vehicles have this issue (although there were a lot of bullshit claims), based on this research:

This seems like a very broad release to sign for only 30 dollars.

Knowing all these facts, would you sign it?

Serious Q regarding the Toyota unintended acceleration settlement.
Posted 1/15/2015 9:10 pm
Case No. 8:10ML2151 JVS (FMOx) EXHIBITS.pdf