Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Chrysler Class Action Settlement & NHTSA Criticized by CAS

NHTSA was characterized as 'NO HELP TO SOLVE ANYTHING' by Beware of Toyota. Their next victim may be you...

Who is protecting the CONSUMER? It's NOT NHTSA! 

NHTSA is not even doing its job.


Dear Care for Crash Victims Community Members:

TIPM Class Action Settlement Approved With Rental Car & Full Repair Reimbursment

CAS Criticizes NHTSA for Violating Safety Act & Not Knowing Chrysler Misled Agency

On August 17, 2015, a California District Court approved a landmark settlement in Velasco v. Chrysler Group LLC that obtained full reimbursement for the $1,100 to $1,200 repair cost of a TIPM-7 module and for the cost of rental - far beyond the $100 to $200 replacement cost of a fuel relay in the safety recall.  The Settlement Agreement signed by Chrysler shows the settlement agreement was reached in January 2015 and was contingent on Chrysler doing a safety recall of 2012-13 Grand Cherokees and Durangos.  The class action forced the recall.  NHTSA never opened an investigation into stalling on 2011-13 Chrysler SUVs for stalling caused by a defective TIPM-7 module despite the part going on national backorder in 2013.

The Safety Act requires NHTSA to grant or deny a defect petition in 120 days. NHTSA took 337 days to deny CAS’ Defect Petition, failed to obtain a single document from Velasco including ones that showed Chrysler began an investigation more than a year earlier than it told NHTSA, and used the 337 days to construct a strawman denial of the CAS Petition.

Statement of Clarence Ditlow

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