Saturday, April 26, 2014

Atty. Dan Viera's Failures, Terrence Gandy's Big Mouth and Route 44 Toyota's Continuing Failures!

A competent attorney seeking to protect his client's interests would clearly instruct his client to cease ALL communications while a lawsuit is pending.

Instead, the LEMON LADY has endured BULLYING ......

...temper tantrums...

...a gaggle of attorneys...more attorneys than O.J. Simpson and Whitey Bulger combined...

...objections to her First Amendment rights...

...and threats of a SLAPP Suit.....

ROUTE 44 TOYOTA continued to harrass the LEMON LADY AFTER notified of a lawsuit.....

...flooding her mailbox....

....Attorney Dan Viera, representing ROUTE 44 TOYOTA from the beginning failed to clearly explain appropriate conduct to his client....apparently....

The ROUTE 44 TOYOTA salesman who sold the LEMON LADY the TOYOTA LEMON initiated communication on facebook....

Since the Gaggle scrutinizes the LEMON LADY's public comments, wouldn't you think they could do their jobs?

This is some of the facebook exchange:

Terrence, This is what you posted on your facebook page:

Terrence Gandy

Yesterday near East Taunton, MA.
"About to bring a car for a customer to Boston.Bringing a bunch of credit apps hit me up if your interested"

Since you're such a big man, surely you are aware of the requirements under FCRA [Fair Credit Reporting Act].

That's a federal statute about which I have blogged extensively because of Route 44 Toyota and your participation.

Are you aware that it is a violation of FCRA to request a credit report unless someone is applying for credit?

My credit report was requested by Route 44 Toyota on the day I fully paid for my LEMON TOYOTA. Why?

You might want to investigate what the federal penalties are for violating FCRA. [I believe it's $3,000 for each incident, but you must know a good attorney.]

This provides some of the details:

If you go to my blog, there's a search feature in the corner. Just type in FCRA:

Please learn to keep your mouth shut when you don't know the law!

Terrence Gandy Only serious inquiries please


Route 44 Toyota Sold Me A Lemon

I recommend that you consult an attorney who represents your interests. You posted on my facebook page which was highly inappropriate!


Terrence Gandy Serious inquiry only

    Terrence Gandy Only if your interested serious inquiry's only.

    • Route 44 Toyota Sold Me A Lemon A responsible attorney would instruct his client to refrain from comment when there is a lawsuit pending.

      In this case, it might seem the the attorney representing ROUTE 44 TOYOTA failed to do so or his client ignored his instructions.

      Since you are a party to this lawsuit, it would seem your post on my facebook page is inappropriate at best, or illegal.

      Maybe you should stop digging yourself in deeper since my credit report was run twice - neither time did I request credit.

      My friend's credit report was also requested twice - ROUTE 44 TOYOTA does not possess, nor did they produce a credit app containing his signature.


      Is this your own personal SCAM or one encouraged and approved by management?

      Didn't the 'Discovery' documents produce by ROUTE 44 TOYOTA indicate that you were no longer employed by them, your photo no longer appears on dealerrater.

      ROUTE 44 TOYOTA indicated that Tony Roma no longer works for the dealership, yet his photo continues to appear on dealerrater.