Thursday, April 3, 2014

Let's Not Ignore TOYOTA!

Michael Moore | The Price of Human Life, According to GM
Michael Moore. (photo: Scott McDermott/Guardian UK)
Michael Moore, Reader Supported News
Moore writes: "I am opposed to the death penalty, but to every rule there is usually an exception, and in this case I hope the criminals at General Motors will be arrested and made to pay for their pre-meditated decision to take human lives for a lousy ten bucks."

TOYOTA paid $1.2 BILLION to 'Get Out Of Jail Free,' a pittance for a company sitting on $60 BILLION in cash.


TOYOTA's own documents indicate that they were fully aware that software described as 'spaghetti' caused SUDDEN UNINTENDED ACCELERATION, resulting in injuries and deaths.


TOYOTA blamed operator error and floor mats for their own problems that they refused to correct.

It was only because of the Oklahoma verdict [Jeanne Bookout/Barbara Schwarz] that awarded the plaintiffs $3 MILLION that forced TOYOTA to settle additional damages with a confidentiality agreement and move to settle additional cases.

In that case, TOYOTA was unable to explain 150 feet of skid marks.

This is not to excuse GM, but rather to call attention to the curious timing and to caution against joining the Corporate Media Bandwagon that ignores TOYOTA's reprehensible conduct.

We'll never know how many cases TOYOTA settled out of public view. We do know that TOYOTA settled the Saylor Family case for $10 MILLION and then attempted to blame the dealership. [That was the CA State Trooper in a Lexus that was widely reported.]


Reports indicate that TOYOTA has 400 lawsuits pending including class action lawsuits. Let's not pillory GM alone.