Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Will TOYOTA Ever Step Forward?

Good information from "Beware of Toyota. Their next victim may be you....":

Fatal Solara day care crash spotlights electronic issues

The LEMON LADY has explained a car accident in which she was driving a Mercury Sable [a Ford product].

Ford designed and included a safety feature, a KILL switch that shut off the gas pump on impact, a Fail Safe.  

TOYOTA seems not to care about safety.

Anticipating the TOYOTA DEFENDERS, the injured children and the 4-year-old killed did not own and were not driving TOYOTAS. [14 were injured, 12 of them children.]

TOYOTA is going the spend $$$ blaming others!

FHP investigating sudden acceleration in fatal day care crash

4-year-old Lily Quintus killed in crash

This little girl, Lily Quintus,  was killed:
  Apr 25, 2014

Troopers are looking into if sudden acceleration caused the 2006 Toyota Solara to crash into the KinderCare Learning Center on April 9. The same make and model was named in a $1.6 billion lawsuit last year.
"We have got to look at everything," said FHP Sgt. Kim Montes. "We would be remiss if we did not check out every potential issue."
Albert Campbell, 61, was driving the Toyota Solara when authorities said he was struck from behind by Robert Corchado.
According to troopers, the impact forced the Solara into the parking lot and into the day care on Goldenrod Road. The Solara drove through the wall and into the playroom and came to a stop inside a second room. The crash killed Lily Quintus, 4, and injured 11 other children.
"It could be human error. It could be mechanical," said Montes. "It could be the physics of the crash and that's what we have to determine."
Toyota was fined by the Department of Justice for misleading motorists about a "faulty electronic-throttle system" in their cars after settling a lawsuit in July that claims the same make, model and year of the Toyota Solara involved in the day care crash lost resale value after sudden-acceleration complaints.
"Obviously we know about the potential problems with Toyota vehicles," said Montes. "That model year is included where sudden acceleration and unexplained acceleration in some crashed and other incidents."
A crash analyst said the Solara went airborne once it was clipped by Corchado's silver Durango. Troopers are looking at the black box in the Solara for data that could give better insight into those pivotal seconds just before the crash.
Last week, troopers announced the toxicology results of blood taken from Campbell at the scene, saying there was no alcohol and no drugs in his system.
An inspection report from Orange County Deputy Chief Building Inspector Robert Amato shows that the front wall of KinderCare had "extensive termite damage."
"I didn't see no live termites but there was termite damage at one time," Amato said. "There were still studs there. Termites like to eat the studs from inside out, so unless you were doing repairs or renovating you won't know unless something unforeseen happens."
Amato said a licensed architect or engineer needs to assess the damage from the vehicle entering the building and the termite damage for structural stability.
Corchado is charged with causing the crash and then fleeing the scene.

Fatal Solara day care crash spotlights electronic issues