Thursday, July 23, 2015

2 hurt when Toyota Lexus crashes into St. Louis Park restaurant

2 hurt when car crashes into St. Louis Park restaurant

Published  Thursday, July 23, 2015

ST. LOUIS PARK — Two people were taken to the hospital after a car drove into a restaurant and bakery in the western Minneapolis suburb of St. Louis Park.
The Star Tribune reports the Lexus sedan crashed into Yum! Kitchen and Bakery on Wednesday afternoon.
A city official says the car drove through the front doors just before 1 p.m. KSTP-TV reports the car apparently drove backward into the building.
City officials don’t know why the car drove into the restaurant. KSTP reports two people were taken to a hospital for observation.

City official need to do some investigating about Toyota and Lexus. It is everyday that these cars go through brick walls, storefronts, airborne into buildings, lakes, lap pools and every where else you can imagine. Sudden unintended acceleration has been going on with Toyota/Lexus for over 20 years, it was Mark Saylor, Highway patrol officer who exposed this defect in 2009 in San Diego, CA and it cost his life and 3 members of his family. It is so amazing how greedy automakers do not care about lives.

"Red Car?" Obviously a TOYOTA LEXUS! Appears to be a 2006-2013 IS250 or IS350 w/ ALL ELECTRONIC THROTTLE CONTROL, right? Likely complete with those pesky...and potentially DEADLY...throttle control SOFTWARE glitches that embedded software expert Michael Barr spoke about in Bookout V Toyota lawsuit won by driver of a 2005 Camry! exhilarating...and TERRIFYING...according to those who have experienced it FIRST HAND & SURVIVED to tell their stories!