Tuesday, July 7, 2015

2012 Prius C: "THIS CAR IS DANGEROUS!!!! Someone will die."

Subject: 2012 Prius-C SUA Comment on Topix


May 27, 2015

I was driving a 2012 Prius C with 57,000 miles on it. As I was entering a parking space at 2-5 mph and braking to stop there was a sudden acceleration that I couldn't stop with the brakes. Car climbed a 5 ft. berm, and stopped only when front wheels were suspended over the adjacent lot. The mats were not involved and if the berm were not there I would have hit something in the other lot. Notified a dealer and Toyota headquarters but I'm not expecting anything positive after reading the other cases. THIS CAR IS DANGEROUS!!!! Someone will die.


Lutchee naidoo wrote:
I was parking my Toyota rev4 into a car park and vehicle was totally stopped ,when it suddenly surged into rev and started moving forward,I couldn't control the vehicle even though I was pressing on the brakes for dear life,it gained speed ,rampaged pass trees and knocked a stationery vehicle ,climbing on a curb and getting onto the street of oncoming vehicles.I hit the curb of the street and finely managing to bring the car to a stop and putting it into park and turning the car down.I sustained injuries throughout this ordeal.I don't want to drive this car again

Totally traumatised by this

Bought a used 2012 Toyota Rav 4 with over 50K miles on it in December 2014. When decelerating, usually in preparation to slow down or stop, and usually at low speed, the engine will suddenly rev very high and pressing the brake pedal often cannot stop the forward movement immediately. Have to force the transmission out of drive into neutral. I have an appointment with the local Toyota dealership tomorrow. Am reading that this is not an uncommon problem with several Toyota models, but specifically the Rav 4. This is a very dangerous malfunction and could result in serious accident if the driver cannot overcome the acceleration quickly. Sounds like the Toyota dealerships are unable to diagnose or fix the problem and are foisting it off on driver error, floor mats, etc. I'm going to take a bath if I have to sell the car, but will have to if the problem is not fixed. Surely Toyota has figured out the repair since 2012?

I had purchased a brand new 2004 ES 330 Lexus from San Francisco Bay Area in July 2004. I drove it to Las Vegas, NV. In April 1, of 2005 around 2:00 PM I was in the center lane, my car had a tiny jerk, I felt I was about to hit the car in front of me. I decided to go to the right lane where there was no car, as I approached the red light, I had my foot on the brake, it was almost a complete stop, as my car took off going through the red light. I kept pushing on the brake, but the brake was stuck, I could hear the accelerator revving, I pushed on it, but was stuck as well. The car really took off, I hold on to the wheel as I thought I was going to run over people. The right side of the car was on the sidewalk, going over the rocks and shrubs, then was on the road going very erratically. I was holding on the wheel so hard and screaming, It felt like the speed was over 100 because I could not hold on to the wheel any longer, then it went over the median and the other side of the road hitting an SUV head on. The dashboard fell on my legs and crushed both legs severely. The airbag hit my chest cause lots of bruising and shortness of breath. Both my car and the SUV were totaled.

Right after the accident I told friends that I want the brake to be checked because I had no brake. My car was checked by Lexus and I was told the brake was fine. In 2010 I found out about Toyota and Lexus sudden unintended acceleration when Highway patrol officer and three member of his family died in a Lexus in San Diego freeway.