Thursday, March 13, 2014

All THE LEMON LADY got.....

THE LEMON LADY loved her TOYOTA Prius C!

It was ergonomically well-designed and comfortable, rather busy with too much information, too many buttons....

Yeah, there were things that TOYOTA could have done lacked the blind spots the TOYOTA Prius suited THE LEMON LADY's needs.....until unpredictable behavior began .....including TOYOTA BRAKE FAILURE!


Sadly, the same can't be said for other TOYOTA OWNERS.

This is worth reading:

FROM: Beware of Toyota. Their next victim may be YOU...

Shhh... sudden unintended acceleration complaints are continuing

[From a RAV4 owner]

When the “sudden acceleration” issue with Toyota vehicles was all over the news, I was not concerned because I assumed it was user error. I remember my boss saying to me, “you’re not afraid to drive your Camry?” I told my boss that it’s just a bunch of idiots who are stepping on the gas by mistake, or people trying to get money from Toyota. Now that I’ve had this happen, I realize what a fool I was! I was so proud of the Toyota vehicles I own that I wouldn’t even consider that such a problem exists.

All THE LEMON LADY seems to have gotten is MR. ALBANY ATTORNEY who can't seem to fix his hair....

..and the ROUTE 44 TOYOTA BULLY!

..both of whom deserve awards for creativity for the Hallucinations they report in court!