Thursday, December 4, 2014

MUST READ: Time to Close the Silver Book


The article below offers the simplest explanation of flawed thinking about SUDDEN UNINTENDED ACCELERATION and the flawed thinking that blames 'DRIVER ERROR.'


The Alchemists held out great promise! What a pity they were wrong!


Excellent! After listening to most of the hearing today, its obvious NHTSA will continue to be complicit! Friedman reiterated that they "took care of" the SUA problem at Toyota. I heard tons more alluding to "independent" (wink, wink) study of the airbags by NHTSA and claims IF necessary, they will expand the recall.

Takata says it doesn't know the root cause but humidity is a factor. HUH? In fact, perhaps these airbags are just aging and exploding from sheer age degradation. Shimizu and automakers kept saying that it was "older cars" having the issue. If they go down that track, it could lead to finding ALL of them degrading with time and exposure to the elements. Not comforting in the least. Takata is still using the ammonium nitrate, isn't it?

Clearly, none of us are safe on the roads any longer. I only listened to some of the Rosekind hearing but was not impressed with him. He made enough references that meshed with current NHTSA philosophy to tell me he is just another cog in the corporate wheel. I hope he proves me wrong.

Time to Close the Silver Book