Friday, December 19, 2014

Think About It: Melting Dashboards

TOYOTA CUSTOMERS complain about a problem.

TOYOTA ignores them!

TOYOTA OWNERS file complaints with NHTSA.

NHTSA fails to ACT!

Life is SIMPLE! TOYOTA is unresponsive to defects in their vehicles!


Beware of Toyota. Their next victim may be YOU...

is the following:

Crooked Toyota yields to public exposure on melting dashboards

Coverup King and admitted-crook Toyota has now agreed to do what the corporate slob should have done in the first place, without any stonewalling blabber about the dashboard warranties running out. YES. Toyota will now recall millions of vehicles to correct the problem, and reimburse customers who paid to have dashboards replaced.

Charlene M. Blake (@charleneblake)
Congratulations, @JennStrathman, for your recent success in exposing #meltingdashboards of #Toyota & #Lexus owners!…

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Charlene McCarthy Blake

Toyota parts shortage delays melting dashboard repairs until May 2015; refunds start immediately

Toyota is first manufacturer to extend warranty

WEST PALM BEACH - New details emerging today in the repair and refund program Toyota and Lexus are offering drivers with melting dashboards.

The manufacturer is extending its warranty on 4.5 million cars allowing free repairs if your dashboard is melting. It's what's Consumer Watchdog Jenn Strathman has been pushing for since she first uncovered the sticky, shiny problem eight months ago.

“Florida is the sunshine state,” said Toyota driver Mike Rios.

Leading the country in sunshine, but also sticky shiny dashboards.

“It’s a safety hazard,” Rios said. Six accidents were reported to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, including four in Toyota / Lexus vehicles.

“It's dangerous and this is going to make a big difference for all of us,” explained Rios.

Toyota is the first manufacturer to admit there is a problem, offering free repairs on certain model year Toyota and Lexus vehicles. Click here for a list of cars included in the repair .

“I was ecstatic,” explained Rios.

“When it's been in the sun for awhile it's real nasty. You feel like you are touching this sticky sponge,” explained Lexus driver Joyce Rutherford. The foam is showing on Rutherford’s dash and door panels.

“They are going to replace the dash and the door panels and rear as well on both sides. It's quite extensive what they are going to do,” explained Rutherford.

Letters are being sent to Lexus and Toyota drivers, but don’t expect repairs to start until May 2015.
“I wish the parts shortage did not exist,” explained Earl Stewart.

Stewart of Earl Stewart Toyota replaced 100 dashboards in just the last few months.

“It's a disgrace these dashes were installed in the first place,” explained Stewart. Now that millions qualify for a free repair, Toyota is using the remaining inventory for cars in accidents.

“If the dashes were not in stock and they were in transit Toyota cancelled those orders and we had to tell the customers we can’t replace their dash until May 2015,” explained Stewart.

Leaving drivers like Rios waiting a little longer for this long awaited repair.

“I believe you did a wonderful job. It was excellent. It’s the best Christmas gift everyone can have this time of year,” explained Rios.

An early holiday present, but one you’ll have to wait 5 months to unwrap.

If you paid out of pocket for one of these new dashboards, refunds will start immediately. The letter that will be mailed will have all the details for the refund process.