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Like Sands Through the Hour Glass......Part 2

Sent: Monday, August 12, 2013
Are you available for a conference call on Thursday to discuss the issues regarding the TMS’ deposition ?

Sent: Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Pursuant to your suggestion, I am available on Thursday, August 15, 2013 to discuss issues regarding the TMC depositions.
Are you available for a telephone conference at 10:15 a.m. / 11:00 a.m. / or 3:00 p.m. ?
Sent: Wednesday, August 14, 2013
I now have a scheduling conflict for the remainder of the week. When next week are you available ?
When are you available next week?
Sent: Thursday, August 15, 2013
I am available Thursday or Friday.
Sent: Monday, August 19, 2013
Neither Thursday nor Friday is good for me this week,
however next week I’m pretty much open every day except Thursday.
So check your schedule and feel free to select a day and a time for the consultation and I will confirm.
Can we expect about a 20 minute (more or less) phone conference? Or do you think you would like to reserve more time?
Date: August 23, 2013
I am on vacation next week. Are you available 9-4 to discuss. I think 20 minutes is sufficient
Date: August 23, 2013
Also….do you have proposed dates for [INSERT LEMON LADY'S ATTORNEY NAME]’s deposition ?

When the King of Dilly, Dally, Delay, Stall & Bill 'Em can't separate the PLAINTIFF from ATTORNEY, poor boy! Maybe he does need a vacation!

CROSS POSTED: Like Sands Through the Hour Glass......Part 2

Like Sands Through the Hour Glass......Part 1

Attorney Rose [Toyota U.S.A. Albany Attorney] was just roused from a long winter's nap!

Since there is no simple recap for the KING OF CONFLICT and POSTPONEMENT,

 this Dilly, Dally, Delay, Stall & Bill 'Em Attorney deserves a truly SPECIAL AWARD!

This Dilly, Dally, Delay, Stall & Bill 'Em King slumbers for months, days.....then is aroused, not pleasantly.

This is complicated legalese simplified:

Lemon Lady's Attorney requested Toyota U.S.A. to produce a witness to be deposed that met 20 qualifications.

Dilly, Dally, Delay, Stall & Bill 'Em King killed some more trees, submitted letter indicating 16 qualifications, SPECIFIED 5 DAYS TO OBJECT.

Lemon Lady's Attorney IMMEDIATELY OBJECTED, threatened court action to resolve.....we all know how anxious the Dilly, Dally, Delay, Stall & Bill 'Em King is to travel from Albany, NY for court appearances...... which the Dilly, Dally, Delay, Stall & Bill 'Em King insisted his DEEP POCKETED client wanted a TELEPHONE CONFERENCE!

In good faith, Lemon Lady's Attorney suggested dates, times.

Dilly, Dally, Delay, Stall & Bill 'Em King had CONFLICTS! Made one commitment he was forced to cancel the day before.  


The Dilly, Dally, Delay, Stall & Bill 'Em King emailed:


Then he ignored the Lemon Lady's Attorney's response........



The Lemon Lady's Attorney circulated this in anticipation of a September 17th Pre-Trial:

Attached please find initial draft Pre-Trial Memorandum with Plaintiff’s Response to all items. I will accept Attorney Vieira’s in-court offer to coordinate all responses and signatures and to return an original to me so I can file it with the court pursuant to the Pre-trial Order.

The Dilly, Dally, Delay, Stall & Bill 'Em King who has unforeseen conflicts, snoozes for months on end, awakened:

I see no realistic way to do a consolidated pre-trial in light of the fact that we have not yet had depositions or a vehicle inspection***. Am I missing something here ?

There is a pretrial scheduled for September 17. Unless the parties intend on having the significant depositions completed by that time, then it would seem that pretrial date appears to be premature. I would agree that exchanging a pretrial memo without a meaningful list of expected witness is really useless for trial preparation. For me, I can easily complete my clients section of the document.

Daniel J. Vieira

*****After slumbering for months, the Dilly, Dally, Delay, Stall & Bill 'Em King woke up in March 2013, sent his lackey to court [who arrived LATE, chased other attorneys across the parking lot], forced the judge to return from elsewhere, insisting upon a 4 month DELAY.

The EXCUSE was that the LEMON LADY hadn't returned the INTERROGATORIES and DISCOVERY  ONLY submitted the previous week.

In March, the Toyota U.S.A. lackey offered a rigid list of items:

First, INTERROGATORIES & DISCOVERY, then DEPOSITIONS for which the DILLY, DALLY, DELAY, STALL & BILL 'EM KING seems to have inordinate CONFLICTS, including the one he refused to disclose.


NOTE: NHTSA conducted an INSPECTION for which Toyota U.S.A. sent a GAGGLE of folks from California to freeze their butts in New England. [The DILLY, DALLY, DELAY, STALL & BILL 'EM KING was present, but might have forgotten as Part 2 explains.]

They RETRIEVED the COMPUTER CODES, participated in the INSPECTION on the premises of ROUTE 44 TOYOTA, filmed the FOLLY.

[The GAGGLE was sent the day before, remained the day of the INSPECTION, returned to California the following day. Even with discounted accommodations, the GAGGLE spent more than the value of the BRAND NEW LEMON TOYOTA.]

Toyota PTC [Pre-Trial Conference]

A Massachusetts woman....

2010 NHTSA Toyota Prius Complaints & SUA

Toyota: This Gets Betterer and Betterer! #3


Thursday, August 22, 2013

Raynham Auto Mile dealers endure recession.....

Many remember there was a car dealership that advertised 'we have no mortgages, we pay cash for our cars.....' 

During a recent conversation with several people who have worked in the industry for many years, DEBT was highlighted as mandating quotas and aggressive tactics. It's certainly something to consider.

Raynham Auto Mile dealers endure recession, invest in future

By Charles Winokoor
Posted Aug 06, 2013

Raynham auto mile renovations 1

Taunton Gazette Photo | Charles Winokoor

Route 44 Toyota in Raynham has been undergoing a massive renovation.

Auto Mile dealers on Route 44 say it’s not enough simply to have weathered the Great Recession of 2008. Some of them have been actively re-investing for the future in a big way.

The Route 44 Toyota dealership at 1154 New State Highway has been undergoing major renovations, including a new exterior facade and a new interior design. The price tag for the new look, according to company president Timothy Bruno, is a cool $1.2 million. [And hopefully, they repaired the leaking roof and the water-stained ceiling in the process. Pretty tacky!]

Bruno acknowledges that Toyota requires its franchisees to make improvements “now and then.” The Raynham store, he said, will now conform to the company’s Image USA II signature look and will sport new offices and furniture inside.

“We have to modernize,” he said.

But Bruno said no one forced him and his family to invest close to $5 million building a brand new Hyundai store on the same stretch of road.

That project, which began in 2010 and was completed in 2012, also entailed purchasing the formerly leased land where the old Hyundai building had been located.

Bruno said the auto industry in 2008 initially “took a dip” after the subprime mortgage housing bubble burst followed by “some big hits” in terms of plummeting sales and layoffs.

But he insists that both his franchises weathered the storm and suffered only a modest sales decrease, which he attributes to “brand loyalty.”

Part of that, he said, is also attributable to the central location of Raynham’s Auto Mile situated just off of Route 24 in between Boston and Fall River.

Bruno says he and his wife Denise have operated the Toyota dealership for 14 years. The Hyundai store, he said, has been run the past 13 years by Denise and her brothers Robert and Michael Barboza.

“The market’s coming back strong,” he said.

But he also said the “scrappage rate” of trade-ins have increased, with owners holding onto their cars much longer before shopping for a new auto.

Bruno said the Toyota store has been exceeding its monthly sales goal of 225 new and used vehicles by at least 25; he also claims that the Hyundai store is the number one dealership in New England, with around 150 sales per month compared to an average of 30 to 40 for most other dealers.

But he doesn’t discount the damage done to the auto business during the depths of the recession.

Bruno points to statistics indicating sales nationally dipped to 10 million; more recent industry estimates, he said, are for sales this year reaching 16 million.

Better Business Bureau: DMR Corp. D/B/A Route 44 Toyota



Domenic Grieco, general manager of Metro Ford and Kia on Route 44, said the recession forced him and his two brothers to resort to layoffs and follow the austerity management model of Ford Motor Company.

Better Business Bureau: Metro Motor Group

[Not accredited with the Better Business Bureau]

26 complaints filed against business
  • Failure to respond to 12 complaints filed against business
  • 1 complaint filed against business that was not resolved

  • “We re-sized our company by 15 percent in every department,” Grieco, 37, said.

    That re-sizing involved paring down his Ford staff from 90 to 60 and cutting a total of 80 positions throughout his family’s business — which includes more than a dozen stores in Johnston, R.I. as well as Florida.

    But he said the company now employs 420 people compared to 400 preceding the recession.

    Grieco says sales of Ford trucks, his bread and butter so to speak, are rebounding, thanks in part to aggressive cash-back and zero-interest financing incentives. He said for anyone looking for a new car or truck it’s “a buyer’s market.”

    “The housing market is rebounding and interest rates are still low,” Grieco said, adding that leasing has been on the upswing as well.

    But the big news for the Grieco family is their $3 million investment in buying up the corner lot near Church Street for a 23,400-square-foot Volkswagen retail facility.

    Grieco said his family bought the former Aulden Volkswagen in 2011 and subsequently moved it to the Middleboro site of the former Crossroads RV, which had gone out of business.

    “We saw it as a buyer’s market,” he said of the decision to add VW to the fold.

    Grieco said VW is price-competitive, especially the Passat, with the Toyota Camry and Honda Accord. And he’s convinced that shoppers in southeastern Massachusetts want more options.

    “It’s a chance for them to choose a European brand,” Grieco said.

    Norman DeFusco, who freelances as a consultant to the Greico’s, said VW is particularly aggressive in terms of leasing deals, which accounts for between 60 and 70 percent of its business.

    He also said the company has stayed competitive in terms of price point because of its massive manufacturing plant in Chattanooga, Tenn., which opened in 2011 but has yet to become fully operational.

    “The Koreans and Germans are on the move and they want more market share in this country,” DeFusco said.

    Robert O’Koniewski, executive vice president of Massachusetts State Automobile Dealers Association, said car sales in the state have been “on a rollercoaster.” He said truck sales plummeted below 20,000 in December 2012 compared to 27,000 sold five months earlier.

    Mr. O'Koniewski has revealed his uninformed, right wing ignorance with these un-called for comments below. And this man is supposed to provide business advice? Businesses in Massachusetts will see little or no change because of ROMNEY CARE, after the REPUBLICAN GOVERNOR who sought to distance himself from a healthcare program on which the Affordable Care Act was fashioned. It is solely Poor Republican Fiscal Policies that have created the current economic stagnation.

    Ahhh....maybe you might consider new leadership? 

    He said truck sales are making a slow recovery, in part because of entrepreneurs who lost jobs and are starting up their own business.

    O’Koniewski says car dealers “by nature are optimistic people to begin with,” while at the same time loathing uncertainty.

    Which is why he says a full economic recovery will continue to be stymied as long as government policies continue to inhibit investment.

    He singled out the Obamacare affordable health care act and “unfettered government restrictions” for dissuading businesses in general from investing in personnel and equipment.

    “I attribute it to bad government policies,” O’Koniewski said. “Until its fixed or eliminated we’re looking at the economy just staggering along.”

    Read more:
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    Friday, August 16, 2013

    Route 44 Toyota is like having LEECHES!

    When a business, such as ROUTE 44 TOYOTA is served notice that they are being sued, a court case has been filed and a customer is REPRESENTED by LEGAL COUNSEL,

    ALL communication needs to CEASE.

    Not so with ROUTE 44 TOYOTA!

    DILLY, DALLY DAN failed to explain the law to ROUTE 44 TOYOTA!

    Dilly, Dally Dan explained to the court '.....$100 MILLION Corporation, BLAH! BLAH! BLAH!......' guess that means the LAWS don't apply to ROUTE 44 TOYOTA!

    ROUTE 44 TOYOTA bombards their customers with JUNK MAIL that is unparalleled in my experience!

    On OCTOBER 11, 2012, ROUTE 44 TOYOTA apparently discovered MY LEMON TOYOTA on their property with NO LICENSE PLATES [because I had turned them in and cancelled the insurance].

    A message was left on my answering machine by ROUTE 44 violation of the law......that was the same day ROUTE 44 TOYOTA ILLEGALLY requested my credit report, as well as that of a friend [whose name is NOT on the title of the TOYOTA LEMON].

    Rather than have my attorney address this ILLEGAL CONDUCT by ROUTE 44 TOYOTA, I returned the message....listened to sputtering by the ROUTE 44 TOYOTA employee about '.....trouble obtaining financing [which was never the case and which seemed to indicate the Dummy might have already requested credit reports and had no records in front of him while he babbled incomprehensively]..... 

    1. failed to check records indicating the LEMON TOYOTA was fully paid for,

    2. ignored that there was an Inspection Sticker on the LEMON TOYOTA that would only have been there had the vehicle been REGISTERED,

    3. sputtered about 'how can we resolved...?' to which I explained that ROUTE 44 TOYOTA needed to make an offer to MY ATTORNEY,

    4. during the conversation, I placed the ROUTE 44 TOYOTA employee on NOTICE: 


    And yet, ROUTE 44 TOYOTA hasn't stopped!

    How do I get rid of ROUTE 44 TOYOTA?

    There are many solutions on the internet to get rid of Cockroaches, Bed Bugs, Acne, Bad Breath, Rodents, Herpes, Cellulite, but absolutely nothing about getting rid of ROUTE 44 TOYOTA!

    Sent August 1, 2013:
    Attorney Vieira,

    Please be advised my client has informed me of further communications from Rte 44 via a mailing sent to her. As you may recall, back on or about October 11, 2012, my client directly notified Rte 44 Toyota to remove her address from all mailing lists and remove her telephone to cease any further calls and communications.

    Presently my client is suffering from severe back pain and has expressed her frustration and the additional stress she is sustaining directly resulting from the inappropriate communications from your client.

    Please consider this sufficient notice and formal demand for your client to cease and desist any and all communications and contacts to my client.

    If your client fails to comply with this second and FINAL DEMAND, we will have no choice but to take further legal action requesting a restraining order to prevent further harassment to my client.

    Without addressing the hyperbole in your email, I do not recall the request you are referring to of October 11, 2012. Notwithstanding, if you send me a copy of the “inappropriate” communication to which you refer, I can determine its actual source and will address it accordingly.
    Thank you,
    Daniel J. Vieira


    Attorney Vieira,
    My client is sending me the mail she received from Rte 44 Toyota.
    She is unable to drive to my office to bring it to me, so for now we have to wait on the US Mail.
    Please note that ANY communications from your client are "inappropriate".
    Thank you for addressing this situation.

    ROUTE 44 TOYOTA is like having do you get rid of these people when they ignore the law?


    Thursday, August 15, 2013


    Below is the most recent incarnation of the HANDOUT the LEMON offers as explanation for the LEMON TOYOTA and the ILLEGAL BUSINESS PRACTICES of ROUTE 44 TOYOTA:

    Route 44 Toyota Sold Me A LEMON
    Google: Route 44 Toyota Sold Me A LEMON
    Please LIKE on facebook
    Civil Action #1259CV871
    Plymouth Court

    Hi Folks! Maybe you're thinking about a Toyota....
    Route 44 Toyota sold me a Brand New LEMON!
    I said: NO BRAKES!
    Route 44 Toyota said: NO COMPUTER ERROR MESSAGE!
    Toyota says: Our Dealers are INDEPENDENT
    Route 44 Toyota says: Toyota is responsible


    Route 44 Toyota requested my credit report TWICE. They also accessed the credit report of a friend. They did this almost 6 months AFTER I paid for the car.
    We never applied for credit.

    This violates FCRA - Fair Credit Reporting Act - a federal law.

    When I posted those FACTS on the internet, Route 44 Toyota threatened a SLAPP suit [Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation] to intimidate and bully instead of acknowledging their error.
    Route 44 Toyota continued to harass me after I filed a lawsuit.
    Please research Toyota to make an informed decision before you purchase. 70% of car buyers don't research their purchase. Don't be one of them.
    Thank you for taking the time to read this. Please share.
    [The car you see me driving is a used Nissan, purchased from Andrews Family Automotive in Lakeville for whom I have nothing but praise! Sorry for any confusion. My LEMON Toyota was left on the property of Route 44 Toyota when I refused to drive it with NO BRAKES. Would you?]

    A LEMON Goes Into the Police Station........

    The LEMON traveled to the Police Station to alert them that a LEMON was about to intrude upon their streets.

    The Officer behind the desk shared that although he had never had a LEMON come to his office, he had had a man report a CHICKEN ATTACK!

    CAUTION: There are some mighty mean ROOSTERS out there!

    The LEMON assured of solely LEGAL CONDUCT:



    The LEMON presented her license as confirmation that she was NOT an escapee from a locked facility, possessed no criminal record or outstanding warrants, as well as documentation of her dispute [including the Plymouth Court Docket #].

    It was never suggested that the LEMON should time the Police Response time, yet it seemed upon the LEMON'S appearance, Route 44 Toyota began protesting a LEMON'S First Amendment Rights!

    ROUTE 44 TOYOTA called local law enforcement REPEATEDLY, offering many suggestions of laws the LEMON was violating.

    The most creative insistence by ROUTE 44 TOYOTA was that the LEMON needed a SIGN PERMIT for her vehicle.

    The LEMON is a law-abiding citizen who made the poor choice of purchasing a BRAND NEW TOYOTA LEMON from ROUTE 44 TOYOTA for whom the law seems unimportant.

    The LEMON is protesting, not only the LEMON TOYOTA, but the ARROGANCE of ROUTE 44 TOYOTA and ROUTE 44 TOYOTA knowingly VIOLATING the LAWS.

    1. ROUTE 44 TOYOTA has access to legal advice, the officers of ROUTE 44 TOYOTA are well-educated, fully capable of reading and digesting CLEARLY WRITTEN STATUTES.

    Yet, ROUTE 44 TOYOTA violated FCRA [Fair Credit Reporting Act] a statute intended to protect CONSUMERS from UNJUST and ILLEGAL SNOOPING!

    [Folks, The reasons are clearly enumerated in the law to protect each of us. Legally permissible uses HERE. This is not a creative writing class!]

    Instead, ROUTE 44 TOYOTA ILLEGALLY accessed credit reports

    3 TIMES!

    There are no credit applications!


    Their ARROGANT legal counsel had the audacity to state, regarding the ILLEGAL ACCESS TO CREDIT REPORTS:


    ROUTE 44 TOYOTA could have invented an excuse and REMOVED the inquiries.

    The ARROGANCE of ROUTE 44 TOYOTA prevented them from doing so.




    2. ROUTE 44 TOYOTA should have CEASED ALL communications with the LEMON when they were served notice of a lawsuit.

    Dilly, Dally Dan should have ADVISED them so.

    He didn't! They DIDN'T!

    Instead, they continued to BOMBARD the LEMON, filling her mailbox, finally leaving a message on her answering machine almost 6 months after the LEMON purchased the LEMON.

    Anyone who has done business with these CLOWNS understands their OVERZEALOUS JUNK MAIL!

    Anyone who knows the LEMON appreciates the lengths to which she has gone to rid her mailbox of this CRAP.

    Wild Accusations!

    Route 44 Toyota Harassing ME...AGAIN! When will it STOP?

    3. ROUTE 44 TOYOTA made it a practice, among many offensive, overbearing tactics, of taking photos of NEW CAR BUYERS and sending a CRAPPY CALENDAR to the customer.

    ROUTE 44 TOYOTA ILLEGALLY posted those photos on facebook as advertising without disclosing that violation of privacy to their customers.

    Some of those photos included the NAMES and LICENSE PLATES of NEW CAR BUYERS.  

    Legal counsel ignored this blatant violation of many things.....until the LEMON blogged about it.

    Although the practice was an invitation to STALKERS and CAR THIEVES, it continued until the LEMON commented....when will they remove previous posts that are in violation of numerous laws?

    Route 44 Toyota: Big Brother Award!

    There are a few more issues regarding ILLEGAL BUSINESS PRACTICES that the LEMON will save for a later date.

    Maybe ROUTE 44 TOYOTA's arrogant legal counsel should review rather than hurling THREATS and BULLYING.......

    CROSS POSTED: A LEMON Goes Into the Police Station........

    Tuesday, August 13, 2013

    I'm Confused!

    After my BRAND NEW TOYOTA sailed through a Stop Sign, it was left on the property of ROUTE 44 TOYOTA to correct/repair.

    The salesman called me at home to tell me 'You have to get used to ELECTRONIC BRAKES.'

    The Service Manager told me 'You have to get used to ELECTRONIC BRAKES.'

    When I returned to Route 44 Toyota to resolve BRAKE FAILURE with my BRAND NEW TOYOTA  and was surrounded by their THUGS blocking the doors,

    I was told repeatedly



    Wouldn't you believe that MY BRAND NEW TOYOTA has ELECTRONIC BRAKES if ROUTE 44 TOYOTA tells you it is so?

    ROUTE 44 TOYOTA wouldn't lie to me would they?  

    A very kind reader of my facebook page [ROUTE 44 TOYOTA SOLD ME A LEMON] took the time to send me a private message, explaining that he was a Toyota Technician and Toyota BRAKES are MECHANICAL.


    Even though ROUTE 44 TOYOTA didn't care about the safety of others, how could I risk injuring your child?

    As a consequence of the callous treatment and BULLYING by ROUTE 44 TOYOTA and their failures to address or correct the potential harm, NIGHTMARES torment my sleep.

    ROUTE 44 TOYOTA told  me: NO COMPUTER ERROR MESSAGES.....kinda reminscent of the early days of computer programming - GIGO --- GARBAGE IN, GARBAGE OUT.

    CROSS POSTED: I'm Confused!

    Sunday, August 11, 2013


    Folks keep telling me about the LEMON LAW in a misguided effort to be helpful.

    A well-meaning person even left a a 'LEMON LAW' printout, authored by the Office of Consumer Affairs, in the 'TAKE ONE' box left on my car.

    Most recently posted on facebook [which seems to apply to used vehicles]:
     Whether completely paid off or not, there is still a lemon law in Massachusetts. I believe up to 90,000 miles on the car, the lemon law applies to the car for 3 months. I believe 0-30,000 miles in 90 days. 30k-60k is 60 days, and 60k-90k is 30 days. If all of this happened within a month of you purchasing it they have to fix it for free. If they say there is no diagnostics report, get a second opinion and bring them the paper work. They legally have to fix the car. I just bought a car, it was misfiring brought it back and it needed new spark plugs and coil packs, a week after driving it off the lot. it was fixed within 4 hours and it was done for free because of these laws.

    In your case, it would seem that the problem was apparent, consistent and easily demonstrated.

    The Toyota problem seems to be ELECTRONICS! The BRAKES are electronic and NOT mechanical. [And there was another problem as well.]

    Route 44 Toyota could have fixed the problem.

    Toyota U.S.A. could have repaired the problem.

    Much like the Toyota Sudden Unintended Acceleration problems that killed 89 people [that we are aware of] the problem seems 'intermittent' - not always present.

    This is Mark Saylor's family, killed when a Lexus exceeded 120 MPH and couldn't be STOPPED, terrorizing the family on their last few minutes of life --

    The Saylor's cell phone call to police finally compelled Toyota U.S.A. to address their defective Toyotas, precipitated Congressional Hearings and called public attention to the horror of SUDDEN UNINTENDED ACCELERATION.

    If you chose to bore yourself with the many posts on my blog, you would find Toyota U.S.A. said "NO COMPUTER ERROR MESSAGE" in many of those cases. In many cases of similar failures, there are no computer error codes programmed [from what experts have told me].

    It is my understanding that NO COMPUTER ERROR MESSAGE will be recorded if NO COMPUTER ERROR message was programmed.  

    On the NHTSA web site, there are 30 reports of BRAKE FAILURE in the same model, as well as reports of accidents and injuries. I submitted in December 2012 a Petition for Defect Investigation to which NTSA responded and retrieved the computer codes.

    If others are complaining about similar problems, why isn't Toyota U.S.A. addressing/correcting the problem?  

    Under the Massachusetts Lemon Law, you are correct that they have to repair the vehicle.

    In this case, Route 44 Toyota and Toyota U.S.A. are denying any problem. Hence, a law suit was filed.

     The appropriate correction for Toyota's problems is a national standard for electronics, according to what experts indicate.

    If I killed your child because of TOYOTA BRAKE FAILURE, "NO COMPUTER ERROR MESSAGE" isn't acceptable. As such, I opted not to drive the vehicle.


    Under M.G.L. 93B, the manufacturer is FULLY responsible for the legal fees, etc. That makes Toyota U.S.A. a deep pocketed client that every attorney dreams about! 


    Toyota U.S.A. has selected an attorney from Albany, NY who has filed for delays, appeared late to court and was forced to chase the other 2 attorneys across the parking lot to ask for a delay of several months, and seems to have sudden 'conflicts' that pop up at the last minute forcing delays.

    They're all milking the CASH COW of deep-pocketed clients.....

    Toyota U.S.A. pays for 4 hours of travel time from Albany, NY., 4 hours of travel time back to Albany, NY for each appearance.

    Toyota U.S.A.'s attorney selected a May date for a deposition and developed a 'sudden conflict.'  

    Toyota U.S.A.'s attorney selected the last August date for a deposition and developed a 'sudden conflict.' When I posted it on my blog, he revealed the reason for his 'conflict,' but swore my attorney to secrecy because HE DIDN'T WANT TO READ IT ON MY BLOG.

    Does that adequately disclose that the SUDDEN CONFLICT might be.......laughable?

    Route 44 Toyota also committed to have the owners deposed on that same day, but SUDDENLY remembered a Toyota Conference in Atlanta, GA that had a reservation deadline in JUNE.
    Insincere Commitments & Games #1

    Insincere Commitments & Games #2 or WITNESS PROTECTION

    1. The LEMON Toyota and its resolution doesn't consider that Route 44 Toyota ILLEGALLY requested my credit report TWICE and that of a friend.

    They requested my credit report ~ 6 months AFTER the Toyota LEMON was purchased!

    Route 44 Toyota violated FCR
    A - Fair Credit Reporting Act.

    When they refused to remove the inquiries, I posted the FACTS on dealerrater.

    Route 44 Toyota threatened a SLAPP suit [Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation] intended to BULLY and INTIMIDATE. 


    2. Route 44 Toyota takes photos of 'NEW CAR BUYERS,' then sends a tacky calendar, and posts the photos, frequently with the names and license plates on their facebook page, inviting car thieves and stalkers - without disclosure to the NEW CAR BUYER.

    Route 44 Toyota: Big Brother Award!

    3. The Arrogant Attorney for the Arrogant Route 44 Toyota instructed my attorney that she should advise her client 'to be a good girl, remain silent and allow the Dilly, Dally, Delay, Stall & Bill 'Em law firms to make a mockery of the justice sytem....'


    4. When a lawsuit is filed, communication, by statute should cease.

    Dilly, Dally Dan failed to inform his client, Route 44 Toyota to cease communication and I endured continued harassment.

    Even though I placed Route 44 Toyota on notice AFTER they called my home on October 11, 2012 - clearly stating to remove ALL contact information, Route 44 Toyota continues to harass me.

    5. On the day the BRAKES FAILED on my BRAND NEW TOYOTA, I sailed through a Stop Sign at a PUBLIC SCHOOL CROSSING!

    I have had nightmares ever since involving potential harm I could have caused because of Toyota U.S.A.'s failure to provide a safe and dependable vehicle.

    Dilly, Dally Dan was put on notice of that emotionally distressing breach and his arrogant response is below:

    Without addressing the hyperbole in your email, I do not recall the request you are referring to of October 11, 2012. Notwithstanding, if you send me a copy of the “inappropriate” communication to which you refer, I can determine its actual source and will address it accordingly.

    Thank you,
    Maybe some day, Dilly, Dally Dan Viera will learn to keep his mouth shut or his fingers confined to legal issues.

    Route 44 Toyota Harassing ME...AGAIN! When will it STOP?

    Wild Accusations!

    This goes far beyond a LEMON TOYOTA and represents that an arrogant Route 44 Toyota believes laws and statutes don't apply to them. Their arrogance has convinced them that they can BULLY as they choose.

    They're like leeches and just won't go away!

    Route 44 Toyota, Toyota U.S.A. and Hertz have always had the option to SETTLE this matter and instead have chosen to spend more on legal fees than the cost of the vehicle.

    Remember: HERTZ FORGED MY NAME! For $1400, Morrison & Mahoney, The Dilly Dally, Delay, Stall & Bill 'em Kings will spend GAZILLIONS!


    This is WHY litigation is soo expensive - THEY have done it! Not me!