Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The Cost of Revealing TOYOTA's Criminal Conduct!

Betsy Benjaminson wrote another MUST READ POST:

Remember: Down in the basement, we have forgotten Biller's forgotten evidence

Here's a video and video link that explain TOYOTA'S CRIMINAL CONDUCT:

Former Toyota Lawyer: Automaker Hides Safety Problems

Uploaded on Feb 10, 2010

In an exclusive interview with ABC News, a former top lawyer for Toyota claims the automaker regularly hid evidence of safety defects from consumers and regulators, and fostered a culture of "hypocrisy and deceit."

"You have to understand that Toyota in Japan does not have any respect for our legal system," said Dimitrios Biller, who worked as managing counsel for Toyota's American operations from 2003 to 2007. "They did not have any respect for our laws."

Biller handled product liability suits while with the company. He claims that when Toyota received poor results in a vehicle rollover test, it ordered a new test in order to receive better results. According to Biller, the company also made a practice of concealing proof of safety problems, and did not disclose information it was obligated to produce


Toyota whistleblower lawyer Dimitrios Biller on sudden acceleration lawsuits

Uploaded on Mar 11, 2010
Former Toyota counsel Dimitrios Biller joins Scott Drake on Speaking of Justice to discuss his explosive revelations on the alleged cover up of sudden acceleration issues on a wide range of Toyota vehicles. This is a no holds barred interview with the lawyer that worked for over 4 years inside Toyota and was, according to his own words in the interview, paid "hush money" to keep quiet about what he saw. This is an exclusive, original content interview with one of the most compelling whistleblowers of the decade and will be of interest to lawyers, journalists and others looking for more inside information on the Toyota lawsuits and allegations.