Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Don't be so sure! Get the FACTS!

For some reason, THE LEMON LADY had difficulty posting her comments after the HACK JOB below.

Here goes:


This unpredictable behavior occurred when the SUBJECT OF THIS COMPLAINT was less than ONE MONTH OLD!

The vehicle had LESS THAN 1,000 MILES ON IT!
The problems happened in ~ May 2012.


[At the time the PETITION was filed, NHTSA had merged ALL models of Prius, so separation was impossible.]Let's not cause hysteria or reassurance and fill in blanks where they don't exist.
That PETITION was not submitted to NHTSA until ~ December 2012/January 2013 because THE LEMON LADY was unaware of the process.
At the time the Petition was filed, THE LEMON LADY felt an obligation to raise the issue to protect the safety of others.

NHTSA did not appear to retrieve the 'computer codes' until....was it April 2013?

The vehicle had SAT for ~ ONE YEAR, although it can't be certain because there seems to be a discrepancy in the mileage based solely on the paperwork produced by ROUTE 44 TOYOTA.

MR. ALBANY TOYOTA suggested tampering with the vehicle prior to the arrival of the NHTSA inspectors.....curious!   

During the inspection process, the NHTSA inspectors were forced to REPLACE THE BATTERY.

Experts and owners of FERSCHNUCKEN VEHICLES have shared that to quell computer quirks of misbehaving vehicles, it is sometimes necessary to turn the ignition off, sometimes to disconnect the battery.

There is no experts who indicated that TOYOTA'S FAULTY ERROR MESSAGES would be retained after the ignition was turned off or the battery was disconnected. Is there?  

TOYOTA'S SUDDEN UNINTENDED ACCELERATION issues seem to confirm that the messages are not always what they seem.

It might seem that if a TOYOTA DRIVER depresses the brakes, pulls the emergency brakes and leaves skid marks.....shouldn't the 'black box' record that?

While the efforts of NHTSA's inspectors was appreciated [it was kinda nippy!] it does seem to have been an Exercise in Futility!

THE LEMON LADY depressed the BRAKE PEDAL at a PUBLIC SCHOOL CROSSING, the BRAKE PEDAL went to the floor, a dash light flashed on and the TOYOTA continued through the intersection.....

THE LEMON LADY has to view her reflection ..... 

...if she had injured a child in the CROSS WALK.....?

While this incident was CHILLING, far more disturbing was a conversation with the SERVICE MANAGER at ROUTE 44 TOYOTA when THE LEMON LADY, in total distress, said.....


His knee jerk reaction was ....


How can a reasonable person drive a car that had NO BRAKES?

If THE LEMON LADY had injured or killed a child, it would be someone who was her neighbor, maybe someone she knew.

Have we become so uncaring of others, so arrogant and so isolated, that the potential for injuring others is meaningless?

THE LEMON LADY chose not to drive the LEMON TOYOTA!

There is no indication in the PROPAGANDA below that NHTSA did any testing, nor that they are capable of doing so. Rather, it seems, NHTSA is waiting for the BODY COUNT!

This is Noriko Uno....

...she spent the last minutes of her life, in TERROR,  trying to STOP her RUNAWAY TOYOTA.....

Why would anyone risk being terrorized by a TOYOTA?

Charlene McCarthy Blake
Whoops! That last statement sounds just like the declaration made by LaHood about Toyota's sudden unintended acceleration!
Tell me, does the NHTSA have EXPERTS in computer-driven, totally electronically-controlled vehicles? Is it CURRENTLY testing ANY vehicles for embedded software defects or other ELECTRONIC glitches, particularly in the throttle control system?
IF NOT, then the last statement in the above article is totally FALSE. Absence of proof is NOT proof of absence. Do not mislead the public as LaHood did during the criminal investigation of Toyota!
Based on consumer complaints I've read, there are plenty of brake failures and episodes of terrifying electronic sudden unintended acceleration in these Prius vehicles. Why is it that this model rarely gets appropriately tested by NHTSA? Expert engineers trained in complex vehicle electronics are needed to rule out these causes in cases of complete or partial brake failure or unintended acceleration. Cite the experts on board at NHTSA so we will all feel a bit safer, especially since the advent of the all electronically-controlled engines.

In short, ya gotta be incredibly foolish to trust anything NHTSA says. The corporate-controlled stooge got caught red-handed in GM's ignition switch scandal, and broadcasted the big lie that NASA had ruled out any electronics issues associated with Toyota's sudden unintended acceleratin scandal. Underscoring NHTSA's determination to protect crooked automakers, NASA physicist Henning Leidecker is now warning of increased risk of unintended acceleration in '02-'06 Camrys due to "tin whiskers" growing in the pedal sensors. I've been blogging about the Washington gang's efforts to help the auto industry conceal defects - search "Beware of Toyota. Their next victim may be YOU..."

NHTSA Rejects Petition Demanding Recall of 2012 Toyota Prius C

Jul 28, 2014 01:30 PM EDT | Matt Mercuro
The 2012 Toyota Prius C won't be recalled after the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration rejected a petition demanding the vehicle be called back over a braking issue.
The NHTSA first opened a review into the 2012 Prius C after an owner complained of a harsh transition from electric to IC (internal combustion) power and excessive brake pedal travel during normal brake application back in January 2013.

"Broader review of the consumer complaints reported for all variants of the subject vehicle showed no indication that either the reported jolting sensation or the brake performance concerns reported are occurring in this vehicle population at a level that would require investigative action by NHTSA," the agency said in a statement posted on its website.
Approximately 23,920 vehicles would have been recalled if the petition was accepted.
Federal safety regulators said in a statement that after a test drive and vehicle inspection, no "actionable" problem was found within the vehicle.
"In the agency's view, additional investigation is unlikely to result in a finding that a defect related to motor vehicle safety exists in the subject vehicles," the NHTSA said. "Therefore, given the need to allocate and prioritize NHTSA limited resources to best accomplish the agency's safety mission, the petition is denied."
In short, if you own a 2012 Toyota Prius C, you have nothing to worry about.