Saturday, July 19, 2014

We gotta problem with SHILLS!

It's important to know that there are COMPANIES that pay SHILLS to post PHONY ATTACK COMMENTS after articles such as this.

You will note that there is just such a PHONY POSTER on this thread.
They are easily identified by their failure to present FACTS, their inflammatory rhetoric, personal attacks and the frequent posting of LIES.  

Since this PHONY has been RABID in his defense of TOYOTA, do you wonder WHAT'S TOYOTA HIDING?

In addition, the newspaper REMOVED an additional comment posted that disrobed this PHONY.

The current remaining comment:



We've got cars failing across the nation - young, old, daytime, nighttime, driving into stores and parked cars, driving into other vehicles, injuring and killing innocents.

NHTSA's budget has been slashed to the bone for which we can thank the GOP Sequestration, not to get partisan, but who's protecting Consumers?

NHTSA lacks the expertise to examine software code, beyond being in bed with the auto industry.

As taxpayers and as consumers whose lives are at risk, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE make your vote for better government in November count! Get active! Get vocal! Speak out! And get Big Corporations OUT OF GOVERNMENT!

Koua Fong Lee had passengers in his TOYOTA who knew he was unable to STOP his RUNAWAY TOYOTA! His RUNAWAY TOYOTA killed 3 people! Read his story by Trudy Baltazar called 'A Road to FREEDOM.' Simply stunning!
Get the facts before you accept propaganda from the SHILL!

According to her father, a car accident which killed his daughter is connected to a recent General Motors recall.
A picture from the fatal crash on March 18, 2014.

Father Says Daughter's Car Was Part of GM Recall

By: WHSV NewsroomEmail
By: WHSV Newsroom
WASHINGTON, D.C. (WHSV) -- According to her father, a car accident which killed his daughter is connected to a recent General Motors recall.

On March 18, 27-year-old Laura Glass was driving a white Saturn Ion when she was unable to stop in time and rear-ended a tractor-trailer, causing the Ion to catch fire. Her airbag failed to deploy.

"After the accident, after the death of my daughter, I get another notice from General Motors saying they now have the part. Well we know that's not true. That is absolutely false. They do not have the parts to fix this car," said Jay Glass, Laura's father.

Glass, along with other families who lost loved ones in crashes linked to the safety defects went to Washington on Thursday hoping to meet with GM CEO Mary T. Barra, who declined to have a sit down.

The safety defect resulted in at least 13 deaths, including Laura's.