Wednesday, July 2, 2014

MR. VW Operator Massachusetts Registration 1460 SF

[This incident occurred today (July 2, 2014) as this vehicle followed me on Route 44 Eastbound.]

Dear MR. VW Operator Massachusetts Registration 1460 SF  :

As you are aware TEXTING while driving is ILLEGAL in Massachusetts.

It appeared that taking photos of the lettering on the rear of my vehicle impaired your driving as well.

You were following too closely, not remaining in your lane of travel.....clearly an angry face....this seemed personal to you....  


Your wrath appeared personal and you might reassess in view of your reckless driving.

Are you connected to ROUTE 44 TOYOTA?

[Notice the men all lined up like .....? with their arms crossed....maybe like....?]

If someone told you that you were good at multitasking it was only because she wanted you to watch the kids....

...she lied!.....

Might I suggest if ROUTE 44 TOYOTA is inflamed enough to provoke your ire, to send SHILLS to stalk and follow THE LEMON LADY......there are alternatives!

In order to keep my clearly marked vehicles off public roads, could you run some errands for me?

THE LEMON LADY needs Pet Food and frequents the Pet Food Shop on Route 44, within close proximity of ROUTE 44 TOYOTA.

Please call me and THE LEMON LADY can identify the appropriate brand.

In addition, there are several more errands THE LEMON LADY needs to run that require her to traverse past ROUTE 44 TOYOTA. Can we discuss those as well?

Now really, don't you think you could resolve this more easily?

ROUTE 44 TOYOTA could have fixed my BRAND NEW TOYOTA LEMON....but, yeah!

THE LEMON LADY kinda understands that would be an admission of a problem.....wouldn't want another TOYOTA RECALL, now would we?

ROUTE 44 TOYOTA could have removed the ILLEGAL CREDIT INQUIRIES......FCRA [FAIR CREDIT REPORTING ACT] violations...... 

THE LEMON LADY has listened to some pretty sad tales about ROUTE 44 TOYOTA and wishes she could post them.....

The best THE LEMON LADY can do is to encourage others to speak out for themselves to end unacceptable business practices.....maybe even remove some of the arrogance and contempt with which customers are treated.....


And regardless of what MR. ALBANY ROUTE 44 TOYOTA pretends, THE LEMON LADY recommends SOBER DRIVING!

Please remember, celebrating the Fourth of July is also a celebration of the Birth of Our Nation, a celebration of Our Founding Documents that include the Right of Free Speech that too many now seek to deny.


United States Constitution

Freedom of speech in the United States