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Cabbie in TOYOTA CAMRY airport crash facing charges

Police to Seek Charges Against Cab Driver in Logan Pedestrian Crash

"....After the crash, Clenord told NBC Boston it was an accident caused by some kind of mechanical problem with his car. He said that in 23 years of driving a cab, he had never experienced anything like this, claiming that his car suddenly accelerated as he approached the taxi pool, and the brake would not work.

"When I see I’m going to hit something... I thought I’m going to die," Clenord recalled. "I can’t stop. More spinning."

Police said Monday they did not believe the incident was deliberate.

"I tried to explain everything, what happened, not my fault, they have to find out what the problem was in the car," Clenord said Monday.

State police have filed a threat notification with the Registry of Motor Vehicles in attempt to have Clenord's license revoked. His hackney license has been suspended indefinitely and turned over to Boston Police.

It was not immediately clear if Clenord had an attorney." 

Source: Police to Seek Charges Against Cab Driver in Logan Pedestrian Crash | NECN
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Charges sought against Logan cabbie who hit 10

Marie Szaniszlo Saturday, July 08, 2017
State police are seeking a criminal charge against the taxi driver they say careened into a crowd of his fellow cabbies at a Logan International Airport taxi pool Monday in a violent crash that injured 10.

Police decided to seek to charge the 56-year-old driver, Lutant Clenord, of Cambridge, with operating to endanger after an investigation found the cause of the crash was operator error, according to state police spokesman David Procopio.

A hearing will be held in East Boston District Court, where a clerk magistrate will determine whether to issue a criminal complaint against Clenord.
A date for that hearing had not yet been set last night.

State police also filed an “immediate threat” notification with the state Registry of Motor Vehicles, seeking to have Clenord’s driver’s license revoked, Procopio said, adding that his hackney license has been suspended indefinitely and turned over to Boston police.

Procopio said earlier this week that checks of law enforcement databases revealed no red flags about Clenord related to homeland security or terrorism.

Cabbie in airport crash facing charges
By Adam Vaccaro  GLOBE STAFF
JULY 07, 2017
A hearing will be held at East Boston District Court “in the near future,”
where a clerk magistrate will determine whether to issue a criminal
complaint, Procopio said.
Procopio declined to provide further information about the crash or the
investigation, which police had previously said would include a review of
video footage, witness statements, a computer system in the cab, and the
vehicle’s mechanics.
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The Present Limitations of
Motor Vehicle Electronic Data Recording
An Open Letter to the NAS team working on the project:
Electronic Vehicle Controls and Unintended Acceleration (TRB-SASP-10-03)
The professional opinions of:
Dr Antony Anderson BSc(Hons), PhD, CEng, FIEE/IET MIEEE
Dr Brian Kirk BSc(Hons), PhD, CEng, MBCS, MACM
EurIng Keith Armstrong BSc(Hons), CEng, FIET, SMIEEE, ACGI
December 11th, 2010
(12 pages)
Data recorded by present-day MVEDRs (Motor Vehicle Event Data Recorders)
cannot, and should not, be believed, trusted or relied upon.
• They cannot detect if the vehicle’s electronics has malfunctioned
• Their data is partial, incomplete, and suspect
• They do not record the electronic errors that have been shown to cause
sudden unintentional acceleration (SUA) events
• They can only be interpreted by the automakers themselves,
who are not impartial observers
© Antony Anderson, Keith Armstrong, Brian Kirk, December 2010
 Barr testimony from the October
2013 Bookout / Schwarz trial in Oklahoma
Case No. CJ-2008-7969
(286 pages)
(Pages 276/277 of 286, document pages 60/61)
22 A. That's what it shows. I've written a separate
23 chapter about how these pre-crash recorders have their
24 own defects. In fact, Mr. Arora in his September 17th
25 report last year, he actually demonstrated for us that
1 the car he was pressing the brake on, the recorded black
2 box data sequence said he didn't press the brake. And
3 that's cited in my chapter on the pre-crash EDR, which is
4 not really directly relevant to this case because the
5 2005 Camry wasn't equipped with that, but the point being
6 that in this later Camry that had it, this is not
7 something we can rely on to disprove a software
malfunction. In fact, with the UA occurs and task K is
9 dead, the pre-crash EDR will be wrong about the brake
10 signal specifically. That's what Mr. Arora's data
11 showed.
13 A. No. The analysis this NHTSA did was a very
14 different analysis. What NHTSA did was to evaluate that
15 if data was stored in the black box, that it was reliably
16 read out the same way that it was in the box. NHTSA
17 didn't evaluate -- they did evaluate in one bumper crash
18 that they got the right data. But that didn't prove --
19 we read the code and said -- and we even got the
20 pre-crash EDR code and we saw that it could be confused
21 also by task X death, specifically about the brake pedal.
22 So NHTSA always assumed that these black boxes were
23 reliable, but they're not. And that's been demonstrated
24 by Toyota's own expert.
(Page 278 of 286, document page 62)
12 A. Again, sir, it doesn't matter how many tests showed
13 that the EDR worked. We have one test that was conducted
14 by Toyota's own expert that proves it can be wrong. And
15 that is sufficient to prove there are aliens in the
16 universe. That is sufficient to prove that the EDR is
17 not reliable. So one test like that disproves this view
18 that Toyota would have you have that this is reliable.
When Cars Decide To Kill: Patricia Herdman | Tea At
Taxevity #102
Taxevity Insurance Advisory 
Published on Jul 8, 2015
(International software testing expert.  Watch first 4 – 5 mins
concerning Toyota’s ETCS software.)
(18:34 min video interview) (currently lives in Toronto, Canada)
(There are NO automotive software safety standards.)
Robots are under the hoods of our cars and there
are no safety laws: Software Tester
BNN talks about the latest emissions scandal to
hit the auto sector with Patricia Herdman, author
of "When Cars Decide to Kill." She talks about her
realizations as a software tester about auto tech
safety and the risks involved that inspired the book.
(5:51 min video)
This Car Runs on Code
It takes dozens of microprocessors running 100 million
lines of code to get a premium car out of the driveway,
and this software is only going to get more complex
By Robert N. Charette
Posted 1 Feb 2009 | 5:00 GMT
Honda Admits Software Problem,
Recalls 175,000 Hybrids
Junko Yoshida
7/10/2014 03:05 PM EDT
MADISON, Wis. — For the first time, an automobile company has
conceded that a software glitch in electronic control units could
cause cars to accelerate suddenly, forcing drivers to scramble to
take emergency measures to prevent an accident. Honda Motor
Co., citing software problems, announced Thursday that it is
recalling 175,000 hybrid vehicles in Japan.
Honda revealed that some hybrid versions of its Fit and Vezel
subcompacts could suddenly accelerate without warning.
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[Even software written, implemented, and tested to
“aerospace industry standards” is not immune to
“bugs” which could prove “fatal.”]
Sunday, December 11, 2016
Better Reboot Your Boeing 787 Every Three Weeks
Crashing after a prolonged up time due to a counter rollover or other problem is a classic
mistake in computer software.  And, it just bit the Boeing 787. Again.
Posted by Phil Koopman at Sunday, December 11, 2016
Another unexplained acceleration
(selected post:  page 3)
346 posts
17 months
Yesterday (13:25)
My gut instinct is that the dear old lady has probably by the law of averages got the wrong pedal but firmly believes she
Having said that, how many times have I had to restart a pic or iPhone.
In my previous job I wrote software for a specific air traffic control system. The software had been in use worldwide for
some 20 years. One day in a simulator running regression testing on a new modification there was a major safety error in
the software found, nothing to do with the new change but in the original baseline software. Admittedly the scenario and
user/operator switch and key actions requires to trigger the error were very specific and the chances of it happening
millions to one but a student controller during a free play session happened to trigger it. He argued that it had happened
we all said no you must have imagined it. In the end we replayed a recording of the test session. He was right we were
wrong and all resources were dropped on everything to fix this problem.
My long winded point is that even when someone says it's impossible, there's always that one in a million sequence of
things that can cause unexpected errors.
Copyright PistonHeads 1998-2017
UPDATE: No charges in runaway SUV case
POSTED 6:46 PM, JULY 10, 2014
(with 2:20 min video segment)  (Ford SUV)
Witnesses told police that a car wash employee went to move the SUV
forward, when the vehicle suddenly accelerated.
The employee was able to miss two parked cars before trying to slam on
the brakes to no success.
After crossing Dupuy Avenue, the SUV hit the curb, knocking the driver
out of the seat and onto the ground.
Sheriff Todd Wilson said the SUV never slowed down and continued
almost the length of a football field before slamming into the large green
power box on the north side of the courthouse.
The employee was slightly injured and required medical attention at the
Bob Schrum, the owner of Flagstop Car Wash, said his employees are
provided a list of cars, trucks and SUVs that have been proven prone to
unintentional acceleration. In fact, he said the instances have been well
documented by the National Car Wash Association.
Schrum said about a month ago that all 120 of his employees took part in a
safety seminar provided by his insurance company, which touched on
sudden unintentional acceleration.
Video: Car-wash chain won't clean older
Jeep Cherokee models over sudden
acceleration fears
WEDNESDAY, MARCH 6, 2013 AT 6:02 A.M.
(2010 or before Cherokee/Grand Cherokee)
This is not a new issue. Way back in 2006, the International Carwash
Association issued an advisory on Jeep Cherokee models based on sudden-
acceleration reports. The document doesn't recommend banning such vehicles,
but it does list five procedures to be employed when they're being cleaned for
safety reasons:
1. Handle Jeep Cherokees and Jeep Grand Cherokees with extreme caution
2. Allow only specially trained car wash employees to handle these vehicles
3. Notify all car wash employees when one of these vehicles is on the property
4. Move the vehicle using both feet - left foot on the brake and right foot on
    the accelerator
5. Instruct employees and customers to never walk in front of one of these
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