Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Ask yourself: Is this a business you want to patronize?

When the LEMON LADY posted that ROUTE 44 TOYOTA ILLEGALLY requested credit reports, the BULLYING began with threats of a SLAPP SUIT [Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation]  intended to intimidate and silence.

Yup! We know how that worked out!

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ROUTE 44 TOYOTA blah, blah, blah, reputation to protect, blah, blah, blah, $100 MILLION corporation, blah, blah, blah........

Why couldn't they fix the TOYOTA LEMON?

Folks, Bullies only win when you remain SILENT about your experience!

The ROUTE 44 TOYOTA ILLEGAL BUSINESS PRACTICES only continue because people remain silent.

Below are some folks WHO have shared their experiences with ROUTE 44 TOYOTA on facebook:

Donna Horgan McAvoy I would NEVER !!! I left a deposit on a car . Changed my mind thank god. They sold the car and I still didn't get my money back . Kept my deposit on a car they didn't hold for me . Three trips to the rout 44 Toyota dealership and four months later I got my money back .

Chasity Armstrong-Menard I bought my Prius from them. It was a horrible, awful experience. I felt blackmailed and cornered into the purchase. Very happy with the car, two years out, but extremely disappointed in how I, as a customer, was treated.

Joseph Barnicoat I went in to look at a truck, the salesman took a credit card "to run a credit check". When they wouldn't move on the price I said I wasn't interested and could I get my card back. Someone else came back with the salesman saying I already made a deposit. It wasn't until I started "very loudly" dropping F bombs, calling them thieves and crooked, did a manager race over, apologize profusely and get me my things back. The next day I bought a Nissan Frontier.
Butch Domenica I was sold a Hyundai Tiburon In 2002..total scam by rt 44

Marianne Carpender route 44 Hyundai too!!

Elizabeth Schmoopie This is not the first person I've heard having this problem with this dealership.

Brett Joseph Bought a broken pos Celica from them worst mistake of my life

Amy Dutzmann I bought a Tacoma and with in 6 months leafsprings and shocks broke, and the 4-wheel drive didn'twork in low. they told me it could haul a horse trailer that weights 5000 pounds and it was a 4 cylinder. Later I bought a Tundra at a different dealer but brought it to rt 44 for the recall. I never had a problem with this truck until I brought it in for the recall. When I got it back the power starring motor feel off when I was driving down the street. Then every thing was starting to fall apart. I had to sink in $2000 in repairs in 3 months after they touched it. They said it was not their fault.

Another Route 44 Toyota customer!

Good for you! My husband stood out infront of Rt 44 toyota with this sign and they threatened him that they were going to call the cops and they told him they would help out and work something out 3 hours later they basically wanted us to b...uy a new car from them (NO HELP) They couldnt even tell me what was wrong with my car it was almost paid off just over the mileage and they were saying that they had to replace all the wiring would cost 5K just for the parts not even including labor and that might not fix the problem!

Is this a business you want to patronize?