Friday, November 1, 2013

Verdict has Toyota runnin' scared

Check this out...worth the read!

Verdict has Toyota runnin' scared

Not too scared of course, 'cause the Recall King can depend on a well-established network of government and industry cohorts to keep incriminating evidence quiet. Nonetheless, an Oklahoma jury's guilty verdict in a sudden unintended acceleration case is a troublesome development for T(he) O(ne) Y(ou) O(ught) T(o) A(void). The lawuit involved the crash of a 2005 Camry that left one woman dead, another seriously injured.

How many more injuries and deaths will Toyota owners suffer before this is corrected?


Re: Insideline: New Camry Caught (REVEALED)
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This one is even better, you can't even tell it's a Camry anymore.

It would probably be better for you if we focused this thread on the fail that is Toyota Camry and we can talk about how awesome my Colorado is in another thread.

Did I mention that Toyota screwed up the Camry controls too?