Wednesday, November 6, 2013

TOYOTA: Did you think I would go away?

Running an errand to pick up bird seed, the cashier has never seen my 'advertising'!
[There's another INFORMED CONSUMER!]

Departing the store, young couple behind us, man said 'I like your advertising!'

At a doctor's office, nurse says 'ya know, I've seen a car around town.....' [she raved about Copeland Toyota in Brockton!].

At a local building supply store, 2 young fellows [if they're under 50, they look young], smile and announce they've been on facebook.

Handouts have run out again because so many interested people have taken them while the LEMON LADY'S car or truck is parked.

The LEMON LADY can't keep up!

Did you hear this one.......

a young couple walking behind me into the local says 'you know you're famous?'

Preoccupied with the mental grocery list, LEMON LADY turned around, 'excuse me?'

'You're famous! Your picture is all over facebook!'

somewhat unnerving since that was never the intent.....

The ex - MR. Toyota U.S.A ATTORNEY ......A/K/A The King of Conflict who cancelled, postponed, motioned, delayed ...pretends he is a puppet merely representing a Deep Pocketed client....

A friend pointed out the sexism that has been rampant in the legal the rampant SEXISM emanating from TOYOTA U.S.A.?  from ROUTE 44 TOYOTA?

Either way.....the LEMON LADY has already won!

3900 people per hour view advertising on vehicles.

Although the LEMON LADY is aging fast and the DILLY, DALLY, DELAY, STALL & BILL 'EM BOYS are doing their best to drag this out......

intent on creating a Supreme Court case out of a LEMON TOYOTA.....

...remember...this is about a LEMON TOYOTA with NO BRAKES that other TOYOTA OWNERS have complained about.

Instead of FIXING PROBLEMS, TOYOTA U.S.A. denies PROBLEMS, blames the driver and leaves TOYOTA OWNERS stuck with TOYOTA LEMONS!

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, Do your homework before you buy a TOYOTA!

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