Friday, November 15, 2013

"Two million blogs will do nothing !"

If you haven't figured out how slanted and censored the Corporate Media is, this highlights the issue.

They don't want to report the TRUTH about TOYOTA LEMONS!

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FROM: Beware of Toyota. Their next victim may be you......

Bloomberg blocks me from commenting

Interestingly enough, an anonymous effort to rebut a comment I published (11/8/2013 3:28:01 PM) tried to convince me (11/8/2013 3:54:47 PM) - "Two million blogs will do nothing !" - that blogging about Toyota wouldn't make any difference. Of course, I replied (11/8/2013 6:02:12 PM) that such activities do make a difference, which is why businesses - especially cover-up operations like Toyota - hire so-called "reputation management" companies to steer conversations, post fake reviews, etc. I referenced a recent court case involving a gang of corporate hirees gettin' sued for posting such garbage on

From the beginning, the LEMON LADY has shared her TOYOTA LEMON experience and asked simply that others share their experiences and more importantly.....


Don't rely on internet sites such as dealerrater that have phony posters.

Check out NHTSA and Center for Auto Safety for what OWNERS are saying about the vehicles.

Links are here:

NHTSA: See Other Complaints 

Center for Auto SafetyCOMPLAINTS

There are 103 complaints posted for TOYOTA BRAKES

Trust owners posting NEW TOYOTA PROBLEMS more than the rave reviews on phony web sites.

Each day, the LEMON LADY meets at least 2 people who haven't seen the ROUTE 44 TOYOTA SOLD ME A LEMON vehicles....

....and each day, local folks quietly step forward and inform the LEMON LADY that because of the BLOGS, FACEBOOK, SIGNS ON THE CAR/TRUCK......they didn't buy a LEMON TOYOTA....many never step forward......

People share...word spreads....consumers want to be informed.....the LEMON LADY is not the only LEMON TOYOTA owner with NO BRAKES!

 The LEMON LADY is not the only one to whom: